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Soviet tanks in Hungary Soviet tanks in Hungary
by The Ovi Team
2022-11-04 08:46:50
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November 4th 1956; The Soviet air force has bombed part of the Hungarian capital, Budapest, and Russian troops have poured into the city in a massive dawn offensive. At least 1,000 Soviet tanks are reported to have entered Budapest and troops deployed throughout the country are battling with Hungarian forces for strategic positions.

The Soviet invasion was a response to the national uprising led by Prime Minister Imre Nagy, who promised the Hungarian people independence and political freedom. Mr. Nagy's anti-Soviet policies, which include withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact, had been worrying Eastern Bloc countries and Moscow demanded his government's capitulation.




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Emanuel Paparella2014-11-04 15:29:21
Certainly not something to celebrate but important to commemorate when so many of the new generations in the EU, confronted with Russian aggression redolent of the former Soviet Empire, seem to have developed historical amnesia.

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