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Jane of Thought: Back and forward
by Jane Eagle
2006-09-15 11:25:34
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I’ m asking myself how unbelievable are all these anachronisms that our eye catches all around. I mean, you turn on TV and bam… there’s a love story in action that should have taken tele-place decades before. Who gets touched by interracial relationships NOWDAYS?

Or you are interrupted in the middle of your talk to be told that you are not right according to what religion cries out loud – Jesus Christ Superstar, are u freaking kidding me. I just said I prefer condoms! I don’t kill anybody but my sperm!

What tops it all? Listen to an American in a fancy suit doubt the Darwin theory. Alright then, Adam was a monkey… Is that better? Hahaha!

Oh! Please wonder how many times you have said: “But it is 2006!”

And then you hear about all these marvelous new stuff in technology and science, you just feel proud of your era. Did you know that you can have your coffee made and delivered by a robot? Oh cool, tell me does it deliver muffins, cookies with chocolate bits? Cause… You know, without chocolate bits… I just realize, god I have an addiction!

Or you wear a jacket that sings wonderful melodies of the '90s and dries up by itself whenever it gets wet.

Come on! How many times have you thought: “Yeah! Next year there’re gonna be some flying cars around and I’m gonna get one!”

It’s back and forward, my friend. All time long.

Consideration led me to this conclusion: we are living in a transient century: Elements of the old days and the new are mixed in a giant nonexistent pot together and shape our today.

Yet. It seems like we keep touching the edges. The old and the new edges. Here’s what I mean metaphorically: Imagine a world full of sluts and 30 year old virgins but no women at all.

Get it? No? Literally:

On one hand we do seem to care about brain cells and how they determine human thinking and operations while in the other we find ourselves make discriminations of races or be sexist.

Better? I’ m gonna wake up the Poet in you now:

We look like acrobats on thin lines trying to make our living gain a meaning, so we taste every way, old and new.


Examples based on the two statements above, will make me clear as crystal water. Is that a fish? I think:

We are interested in science discoveries in our lust to find out more about the Truth that gave birth to Life. It’s philosophical actually. Furthermore Science and Knowledge of Her is our weapon against Death and Disease. Who cares? Everybody.

Meanwhile female revolution, widely known as feminism, has filled male souls with insecurity towards the new roles that girls undertake in our days. Sexism could constitute a well built defense, don’t you think. Attack in order to save yourself- it’s the best way out of the mess, man… You’ve got the balls…

Continue as a Poet, I love it:

After lot of bouncing we fall in the gap as the New with the Old fight each other, keeping lighten their eternal struggling for survival.

What will survive the struggle, a little bit changed - who looks the same after a fight huh? - is going to be the base for our future. It’d better be strong and stable so the founding won’t fall into wreckages.

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Alan2006-09-17 21:39:21
Excellent :)

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