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Urban FATAL ERROR Projects
by Selin Yildiz
2011-11-04 07:41:56
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scyscrapers_400The death of a overdose man who constitute a bad example to society was interpreted as “that happened because of no help” in a society of self-absorbed, living only for himself. The reaction in a structure of  socialist society is more heartless: "Now she is very comfortable, at least she escaped.”.  Both of thoughts smell useless. One of them is seen as pragmatic, the other realistic. But in practice one of them is fake, the other is cliché . So there are two poles of roles in one axe;  acting or lie to oneself. Maybe only sound and songs of Amy Winehouse (winehouse, steakhouse, or any singer anyway) have to interest me. The striking point is that and shouldn’t have to be skipped.

In the world of architecture, many examples of case contrasts can be given. Istanbul, a cosmopolitan and immigrant-receiving city contains seriously this habit of contrast; skyscrapers and slums ; The world of high rise and strong against short and poor. When I look at architectural objects with the eye of this view, I recognise the skyscrapers are designed for only residents that are satisfied, and slums are designed for people that cannot afford to live in skyscrapers. This city needs only skyscrapers and slums. Because it is against to middle-class group. I see İstanbul as having only high and short buildings. Actually there is pragmatic side of this Faschist motto: Gather the society under 2 class ! Middle class will rise or fall down. Move!  Just to try to join a group that you feel to belong.

Act of creating an artificial movement in society is URBAN RENEWAL PROJECT in architecture. Analyses  new housing developments show these (so-called) projects seems to have social benefit organizations for people that have a monthly income of at least 5000 Turkish liras (for İstanbul). In the period of increasing in the unemployment rate among young population, so-called gestures of pragmatic mentality are not sincere anymore. They reduce the society in two classes. The people who resist to see the huge gap, still insist on not to understand the language of produced architectural movements.

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