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Revolution from the Graves
by Shahul Hameed
2011-10-25 07:18:29
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63 years of Indian Government’s suppressive policy may  result in an explosive revolution in Jammu and Kashmir similar to Egypt, Libya and Syria.

People’s agitation against the dictators of East African and Middle East countries has an impact in the minds of Kashmir people also. It has sent shock waves to the Indian government which has suppressed the Kashmiri rights for years.

Fearing the people revolution ,Indian Government secretly appoints number of spies in disguise, as businessmen, journalists, coolies and company agents in various part of Kashmir to know the pulse of Kashmir people.

As expected by the Government of India there was a revolution in the valley that started from June and lasted till April last year in which all the Kashmir people including women and children below 15 years took part in the revolution.

The Government took great efforts to control the people’s agitation against the Government’s brutality on innocent Kashmiris. The agitation came to an end, but only after the killing of 112 innocents by the military. After this attack Indian government conducted many peace meetings to ease the tension in the valley.

History of conspiracy

For the last 63 years, the people of Kashmir have been fighting for their rights. But Indian Government curtailed   the democratic rights of the  people by employing conspiracy techniques.

Kashmir was merged with India in 1947 October 26 by a treaty. According to this treaty Kashmir will be an independent state of India and the Indian Government will handle the defence, foreign affairs and communication departments, temporarily.  The Constitution of India is not fully applicable to the state of J&K. But in course of time Indian government tried to suppress the rights of Kashmir people through  various methods. The people reacted and  opposed  against the policy of Indian government. So Kashmir issue was taken to UNO where it was thoroughly discussed and finally UNO declared that the Kashmir issue can only be solved through plebiscite. But India did not conduct the plebiscite as  promised in the UNO.     

The world’s most renowned leader  and a  symbol of peace,  India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru encouraged the military to unleash state terrorism against the people of Jammu and Kashmir . In 1986, the  42nd constitutional amendments systematically revoked  all the powers from the people of Jammu and Kashmir 

Initially Sheik Abdulla and other leaders opposed the suppressive rule of Indian Government. Later, all of them  surrendered before the so called peace meets /conferences conducted by the Indian Government. The agitations from the people were suppressed by the Public Safety Act of Jammu and Kashmir, Armed Forces Special Provisions Act and similar acts.

Indian Government’s agents like Bhakshi Gulam Mohammed, Shadiq Mohammad, Farook Abdulla, Omar Abdulla (son of Farook Abdulla) are appointed as chief ministers at Jammu and Kashmir. The idea of self determination or independent Kashmir has been removed from their minds ultimately.

In 1986 Maulana Abbaas Ansari assembled Muslim scholars, politicians and parties from all  sections on a single platform named Muslim United Front (MUF). Its stance on Kashmir was clear and unambiguous; that it has been occupied by fraud and brute force and its people had yet to exercise their right of self determination and  participated in the election in Jammu and Kashmir on 23rd march of 1987.  MUF was expected to get  90% votes in that election. But government imprisoned  and killed many members of the MUF. Indian government helped Farook Abdulla’s National Conference party and  the MUF front candidates were declared defeated . This was the turning point in the history of Kashmir which culminated in armed rebellion against Indian authority. If the election was conducted in a free and fair manner MUF  would have won the election and Kashmir issue could have been solved amicably. But because of the Indian governments disloyalty to the Kashmiries  uneasiness still prevails  in the valley.

Entry of the Hawk 

Indian Government now handles the issue with the support of Israel.  Israel has shown a great interest to suppress the Muslims of Kashmir because they were their rivals. Both Israel and Hindu fanatic movements joined together to suppress the Muslims of Kashmir.

Indo- Israel relationship maintained for years since 1940 in a secret manner. India keeps this secret relationship even when India opposes the occupation of  Palestine in 1940’s. To keep the secret relationship with Israel then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru used the chief intelligence officer Krishna Menon.

The cat was out of the bag when the Israeli Embassy was opened in Mumbai on Septermber 17, 1950. The Indian Intelligence Agency (RAW) was formed in September 1968 and the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi reqeusted the RAW chief Rameshwarnath to strengthen the ties with Israel.  The Israeli spies   entered in to Kashmir in disguise as tourists to know the position of Jammu and Kashmir. This matter was confirmed by a higher Government official.

The hero of the Arab - Israeli War of 1967 Moshe Dayan paid secret visits to India and had special meetings.  After the special meetings the attacks on the Muslims of Jammu Kashmir increased and necessary steps were taken to increase the settlement of Hindu pandits.

The ties with Israel further strengthened in the fields of military, defense and intelligence. Israel became the second ranked country in the supply of arms and ammunitions to India.  

In the year of 2000 (June 13 to 16) the chief officer of military and defense departments went on a tour to Israel. This was done during the NDA regime with LK Advani as the Home Minister. The special officers of Israel were called to Kashmir camps  to train the Indian military. Many training camps were conducted on 9 to 11th September 2008, 2009 and 2010 in various places, during the UPA regime. The press reporters who published the details of the camps were threatened by the government.

Torture in Jails

As per idea of the Israel, Indian Government constructed may secret jails in the various parts of Kashmir, like the secret jails constructed in the borders of Palestine and Israel.

The innocent Kashmir Muslims were imprisoned and they were cruelly tortured by the jail officials . The torturing story in jails narrated by them are heart bursting. Prisoners were made to undergo very cruel type of tortures like electric shock, whole body pressed with the wooden rollers by 2 or 3 military staffs,  burn the very tender part of the body by fire ,stones, lamps and candles.

Human rights officials recorded the  torture undergone by the prisoners. Indian military arrested a bank staff Hilal Ahmed of Anandnak district, Gulam Rasool of Katmura, Farook Ahmed Vani of Sapkama and his friend Ramja and put them in jail, because they claim that they are Pakistanis. But human rights report says they are actually Indians.

They were tortured and killed Hilal Ahmed , torsed his body into five pieces and packed in a gunny bag, then ordered Gulam rasool to throw the body in to the Zelam River.   Rasool threw the body pieces into the river. Then the official killed Gulam Rasool and ordered Ramja  to throw the body in to the river. Then they killed Ramja Alees and ordered Farook Ahmed Vani to throw the body to the river. Farook Ahmed throwed the body into the river and jumped in to the river in a bid to escape.  But the officials chased him he got injured in his shoulder. He managed to escape and narrated the whole incidents to the District Judge of Anantnag.

Another victim Nazir Ahmed Sheik of Kupwara district narrated his jail experience.   One New Year day the military officers arrested Nazir Ahmed Sheik and put in to Kalam chakla jail for 12 days and Langat jail for 10 days for interrogation. In the time of imprisonment they ordered him to walk on the ice with barefoot and burned the legs with fire. Then they throw him on the road at an unconscious stage. The local police of the area     took him to the hospital

The jails constructed by Israel ideology in Jammu and Kashmir were very cruel than that of the jails of Guantanamo and Abuguraib. According to the investigation made by the Kashmir MonitorAassociation, a minimum 25 deaths per month is reported in these jails.

Independent Kashmir

Self rule Government is the only solution for the Jammu and Kashmir valley people which includes sixty thousand orphans and thirty thousand widows. The investigation made by  various associations including London Kings College noted that about 85% of Kashmir people wanted self rule government. They don’t want Pakistan or India they want only self rule government in Kashmir.

Indian Government has conducted about 130 meetings with the leaders of Kashmir people. All the meetings are in vain. The people of age 5 to 90 were very clear that they want only independence. To complete the interest of the Kashmir people a plebiscite should be conducted, as conducted in  Sudan.  This plebiscite must be conducted under the presence of international representatives including Arab leaders.

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anwar2011-10-25 09:58:22
well done

ansar,thittuvilai2011-10-25 17:10:09
kashmir is a india's kosava

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