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The Greek economic genocide
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-10-19 07:11:47
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This week is going to be very critical one in Greece with demonstration literally putting in a standstill everything from transportation to schools, public and private sector. And this minute probably demonstrators flood the centre of Athens and most of the Greek cities. What these people ask, actually what these people demand is an end to a situation that kills one after the other all the elements that combine human dignity. And their target despite the media manipulations and oppositions convenience is not just the government but the whole political system that brought the country to this place and stole their right to live in dignity.

The physical distance between me and Greece is a few thousands kilometres but with a little help from my friends and a lot of help from internet I’m trying to keep informed in what’s going on and a few months ago I was for a few days in Athens where I saw things with my own eyes and what I saw was the beginning of a very bitter and bad situation. A very close friend of mine who works voluntarily in association with the Greek Orthodox Church stories I found hard to believe. The most characteristic of them was that the church had open “supermarkets” in a lot of cities where people with limited income could go and “shop” necessary items without paying. The problem with those places was that people worrying for their reputation avoided them till sunset to make sure that nobody could see them felling that the whole thing was insulting their dignity since the very same people a few months before enjoyed a normal life that at least could offer them the necessary.

The last few days the teachers’ association announced that they have more often cases at school with kids that faint from hunger. Kids that go to school with nothing for lunch or a snack. As a parent I cannot even imagine how this could have happened. I would much rather not eat for days than having my kid without food and of course it is not the parents who intentionally send the kids school without lunch but the situation that leaves the parents without the minimum that could cover their kids lunchbox. In the same report the teacher talk about other problems they notice in the classrooms. For example that a lot of kids have starting facing with signs of depression and sudden mood chances as a result of the situation they live at home. And that while the number of suicides have increase in a scary level with most of them due to financial situation.

The talk this minute behind the close doors that keep the people’s screams away is for a unity government where all the parties will participate for the “good” of the country but what about the good of the people when the “good” of the country is combined with the good of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the future of the Euro and the best of the banks? And how a unity government will help when the participants have been in governing positions the last twenty years at least and during the period things got worst with corruption taking over ministerial offices?

The last few days the unbelievable has happen; banks advertise loans to pay the taxes and the people of Greece feel like they live in an occupied country without knowing with whom to get angry with. Disoriented they get angry one day with the German chancellor and the next with the Finnish government that demands the national sovereignty as part of the loan guarantees to a partner.

I’m sorry for the harsh words but this is an economic genocide which starts with the Greek government, continues with the Greek opposition with participants the international banking community through IMF and the European leadership that leads in the termination of one of the most historic nations on earth by killing first its dignity and is about time for something to change before it is too late. And please emphasize this too late because two things might happen and unfortunately we have historic memories from both cases. An uncontrollable revolution and chaos and the second can be the rise of nationalism and fascism like it happened with Hitler since we often forget that the economic and national humiliation of Germany is the reasoning behind the birth of the monster. And the solutions will not come from Greece this minute but with an international action that will put back human needs and dignity back to their rightful place, in front of profit and shares.

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