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Ethiopia alone Ethiopia alone
by The Ovi Team
2021-10-19 07:17:32
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October 19th 1935; the League of Nations votes to impose deliberately ineffectual economic sanctions against Fascist Italy for its invasion of Ethiopia. Steps that would impede the progress of the invasion, such as banning the sale of oil to Italy and closing the Suez Canal, were not taken, out of fear of igniting hostilities in Europe.

In the first loss of Ethiopian independence in its long history, tens of thousands of Ethiopians were killed as the Italian army employed poison gas and other modern atrocities to suppress the country. By the end of 1936, the Italian conquest of Ethiopia was complete. Ethiopia's leader, Emperor Haile Selassie, went into exile but returned in 1941, when British and Ethiopian troops liberated the country. Ignoring the British occupation authorities, Selassie quickly organized his own government.


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Emanuel Paparella2014-10-19 18:59:12
The invasion and aggression of Ethiopia is one of the most embarrassing and shameful episodes in the whole of modern Italian history. One could of course blame it on a demented power-mad dictator with fantasies of a revival of the Roman Empire…but that is ultimately a rationalization. In fact, the Italian people allowed Mussolini to rob them of their freedom and democracy. After the war many declared themselves anti-Fascists but before the war the vast majority voted for him and lost their freedom in the process. They utterly failed to realize that imitating the ultra-nationalism, colonialism, and imperialism of modern countries such as England and France was a betrayal of the universal historical phenomena which have always influenced Italian history: phenomena such as the Roman Empire, the Catholic (which literally means universal) Church, the Renaissance. The straightjacket of rabid nationalism ill-fitted the genuine cultural identity of Italy. The nefarious results of that betrayal should not have surprised anyone. As Massimo Dazeglio aptly put it: now that we have made Italy (the unification of 1860) we need to make the Italians, which, come to think of it, is quite similar to the current slogan: now that we have made Europe we need to make the Europeans.

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