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The Multiplicities and Divisions of Religions
by Leah Sellers
2011-10-13 07:40:52
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Nah-Nah-Boo-Boo !  My God is Better than Your God !
Really ?
God (…‘a Rose by any other name is still a Rose‘…), the Known and Mysterious Creation/Destruction Energetic Force of Origins and Obliterations of the Cosmos is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional.  God is simultaneously Static and Dynamic - simultaneously Light and Dark - simultaneously Creative, Evolutionary and Destructive.

Human Beings are just God’s Evolutionary, Transformational and Transmutational Creations - God’s lively and raucous collection of Atomic Particles.
All Living Creatures are Atomic and Energetic expressions of God’s vast Evolutionary and ever Changing Cosmos.
Each Human Being is an Expression/Reflection of the Infinite Faces and Personalities, the Creative and Destructive Capacities, Potentialities and Capabilities of God.
Some Humans evolve into Warriors.  Some evolve into PeaceMakers.  Some evolve into bitter Haters.  Some evolve into Disciplined Lovers of Humankind and the beautiful and wondrous World We Live and express Our-Selves upon.
How then can My God be Better than Your God ?  He/She/It is/are One and the Same.
As an Artist, every Time I Create a Work of Art something else is getting Destroyed and Transformed in order for something else to be brought into Existence.
When an Artist carves a piece of wood, that Artist is destroying the Original Shape, Form, Function, Purpose, Usages and Meanings of that piece of wood.  It becomes a Creation of Inspiration, Intuition, Art, Math and Science.  An Artist’s Self Expression of the Divine and Arcane.  Another altered collection of Atomic Particles sharing Space and Time within the same Continuum.
The same similarities exist within all Religions.  Each Religion expresses and facilitates the various Aspects and Faces of God.
God dwells within All of Us.  God is You.  God is Me.  If I insult You - I insult God.  If I ridicule You - I ridicule God.  If I throw stones at You - I am stoning God.  If I kill You - I am murdering God….
God dwells within Us All.  If a Christian Evangelical pastor in Dallas, Texas insults Mitt Romney by telling his congregation of Sheeple that Rick Perry would make a Better presidential candidate than Mitt Romney, because Romney is a Mormon cult member - that pastor is insulting God, and perpetuating bigotry toward God.
God dwells within Us All.  If a Christian kills a Muslim or a Muslim kills a Christian - they are All killing God.  If a Buddhist strikes a Hindu or a Hindu strikes a Buddhist - they are All striking God.  If a Jew bombs a Muslim household or a Muslim bombs a Jewish household - they are All bombing and destroying God.  If an Agnostic slaps an Atheist or an Atheist slaps an Agnostic - they are All slapping God.
We are All God Particles.  Our Relationship and Connection to One another is inescapable and incalculable.
Every Action/non-Action and Reaction is intimately related to and connected to God - the Known and Mysterious Creative/Destructive Energetic Force of Origins and Obliterations of the Cosmos.
If I Feed You - I am Feeding God.  If I Smile at You - I am Smiling at God.  If I Love, Nurture and Sustain You (no matter Who or What You are) and the Planet Earth - I am Loving, Nurturing and Sustaining God.
So, Nah-Nah-Boo-Boo !  The Best and Worst of God dwells within Us All !  Our Free Will guides Us toward and against the Light and Shadow within Us All.  And those complex processes carve out, and simultaneously Create and Destroy the Eventual Shape, Form, Functions, Purposes, Usages and Meanings of Us All.
Making Us All Earthly and Cosmic Creations of Inspiration, Intuition, Art, Math and Science.

What could possibly be Better than or more Fascinating or more Fulfilling than that ?!

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Emanuel Paparella2011-10-13 16:20:53
Good reflection on religion. Thanks Leah. Indeed, the etymology of "religion" derives from the Latin word "relegare" which literally means to bind together. When religion divides rather than bind together (in love), or when it takes away the individual's autonomy and freedom, one can be pretty sure that one is dealing with a pseudo-religion or a pernicious cult, with religion as Marx saw it: the opium of the people. Unfortunately he was never afforded the sight of a true religion and therefore one cannot blame him for his misguided view of religion.

I have no doubt that if the bigoted Evangelical pastor had been asked to enumerate all the cultish religions he would have mentioned Catholicism (probably as the whore of Babylon...), all non evangelical churces, and of course all non-Christian religions. So much for the separation of Church and State. Pity that it has now become respectable and faschionable to entertain open bigotry and discrimination in our country.

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