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by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-09-25 10:34:13
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I presume all of you one way or another has participated in one of these surprise parties where the honoured looks surprised to see you all despite the fact that he or she knows for days and actually was part of the preparations giving the list of the people who he/she wanted invited. Perhaps you were yourself the honoured person in a similar case. The thing is that in parties like that everybody – including the honoured – know everything, expecting everything and everything is there except the surprise. This is what happened in Russia the last few hours. President Dmitry Medvedev announced that he will back Mr. Putin in his race for the presidency while Vladimir Putin promised the seat of the Prime minister to Dmitry and everybody in the audience screamed …surprise!!!

Whatever you might think or say there is one thing for sure, Putin had a plan and he had scheduled all his next moves with at least decade’s provision. And saying decade I’m pretty conservative. The day Putin announced that Dmitry Medvedev was his champion for the presidency we all knew that the Russian Czar had found a way to trick the system and return. We all knew that Dmitry Medvedev was there to keep the seat worm and most likely take some decisions or make some changes Vladimir didn’t want to do or that would hurt his image internally and internationally.

The last four years the two of them combined cleaned the way for the next Putin presidency first of all shorting out their differences with the new oligarchy that controlled Russia after Yeltsin and obliged Putin for the first years as president to accept. Then recycling the path of the money and dividing the Russia mafia throwing them into territorial wars between them by constantly changing their territories. Keeping the allies in silence and the foes in a distance, another situation Putin had inherited from Yeltsin and he was not exactly happy about but forced to accept even opposing his own feelings and instincts follow.

The other important thing Putin has managed to do through this period was to create a bureaucracy totally loyal and dependant to him and when it comes to Russia we are talking about the absolutely corrupted bureaucracy that worked the last few decades for the mafia and not for the state. Now they know that Putin is much stronger. Putin also knows that now he’s taking over without any opposition. Even the inside his party growing opposition the last decade is over cleaned not only under the pressure of Putin’s power or Medvedev’s pressure but also under the pressure of time. And of course Putin has the full trust of the people. Russians have back the man who gave them back their dignity and everything else they lost after the fall of the wall and the reality that the emperor was naked.

So the Czar of the 21st century is back and this time he’s the absolute ruler without any opposition, even the Russian press has knelt in front the emperor with the last ones to criticize have moved to their creator or knowing that the emperor’s private army – consist from all kinds of the different sides of the Russian life, army, paramilitary, society – is ready to protect the Czar under any situation. And the timing is perfect for the emperor. The moment the west is facing one of them most endangering crisis with unpredictable outcomes with even USA struggling with a financial reality   built in decades from the period of the cold war. And the worst part, emperor Putin has another ten years to finish his work!

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Emanuel Paparella2011-09-25 15:41:43
Indeed, old habits die hard and Socrates might have been off when he said that knowledge is virtue. More often than not we know the good and end up doing the opposite. Bush said he saw into the soul of Putin. I have been wondering ever since what he saw there.

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