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Time for the Palestinians to end the slavery of been used for their own good
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-09-18 09:38:01
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It is now more than ever the right time for the Palestinian issue to end and stopped been used from everybody with background agenda that not always aims for the best of the Palestinian people. The last three decades the Palestinian issue has become an excuse for all kind of geopolitical or even extremist demands, from Bin Laden to Recep Tayyip Erdogan lately the Palestinians have manipulated and most of the time looking at the headlines we forget that there are thousands of people in the Gaza strip waiting for a better day while they live in the bottom of humanity’s dignity.

The agreements are there and they are there since Jimmy Carter’s era and the infamous Camp David accords back in 1978 and every other agreement was just a renewal of that meeting. Nothing new has been added except details clarifying contemporary issues. In the meantime from highjacks, explosions and mass murders to the Turkish pompous military parades in the Middle East nothing else has changed. Actually I have doubts if anybody wants solution since the situation seems very convenient for the Iranian and Turkish imperialistic plans, for the Israeli persecution mania and the Egyptian search for the old glories. If you add to that the convenience the western powers feel over a divided and easier manipulated Middle East – the old British dogma, divide and rule – you get a very explosive cocktail that is about time to defuse.

And is not to wait for Barack Obama, whatever the American president can do or try to do it won’t be much different from what the last seven – since Gerald Ford – have done or have tried to do. Perhaps these seven American presidents represent different – sometimes extreme different – approaches of the issue and definitely their approach was influence by contemporary geopolitical changes but all of them tried to put Palestinians, Israelis and occasionally neighbour states into negotiations with one aim, to end the problem that tortures and inflames middle east the last fifty years at least. And by mentioning the last fifty years I hope nobody starts blaming the Israelis, there is space for both and they both have equal rights in a land that was lost without their responsibility. Both peoples have been refugees in their own land during the centuries for different reasons and it is time for this to finish with both peoples live in peace.

And the peace process must start from inside the Palestinian people with all those factions finding a way to combine their powers and stop becoming an excuse for a continued conflict. The Israelis know that this is a lost cause and that gradually the Palestinian state will be a reality, they just playing with time to their advance betting on the Palestinians divided situation. Most importantly the Palestinians must stop becoming a puppet in the hands of contemporary populists serving causes and agendas that in the end harm their own survival. The Turkish people support the Palestinian people but the official support has absolutely nothing to do with how the Turkish people feel. Tayyip Erdogan uses this moment the Palestinians for the extended Turkish plans for Middle East dominance and again this dominance has absolutely nothing to do with the people but mainly to do with oil! These last weeks we are all watching the games Turkey plays in east Mediterranean with the excuse of the gas searching from Israel and Cyprus. The amazing thing is that in the middle of all that what you hear most often form the Turkish prime minister is not his interest for the search and his bulling to be partner in something that by definition has no right but his support to the …Palestinian people. Didn’t Bin Laden do exactly the same? In every manifest he published the Palestinian people and their freedom had the main seat and what about the Iranians? Constructing weapons of mass distraction they are talking about the freedom of the Palestinian people. The same time unemployment among the Palestinians that live in the strip is well over 95%. The Palestinians live in continuing embarrassing for the humanity and there generations of kids growing up knowing hate as the only way of life. And oddly the right time is just now when the international community started feeling more and more how these people have been used for other agendas except their own good often ignoring their needs and their will. The weird thing is that the Israelis are exactly in the same boat and they should be the best allies of the Palestinians into defending their future.

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amazed2011-09-20 20:03:22
Oh, that was the aim of the American Presidents? Really??

the middle way2011-09-20 20:08:08
this is too radical. Turkey is seen as an ally - and more credible than other westerners, or the US (wonder why?!!) - in the Mediterranean. The times of Lawrence of Arabia are over now. Actually it became a development model for most of its neighbours (northern-mediterraneans included) and healthy relationships are wished. so don't spread demagogic thoughts.

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