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Which part of the Finnish republic Halla-aho represents?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-09-15 07:37:11
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My father was a real representative of his generation in Europe after the WWII. A man with conservative ideology but very democratic sense. And in this democratic sense rooted his repulsion to anything dictatorial and he had personal experiences to excuse his repulsion including seven years under a military junta that started with a coup. Seven years in exile, seven years in torture and he was lucky because he came out of those seven years alive, others didn’t. And remember my father was a traditionalist, a conservative, a man of his generation that grew up before a war that started a dictator and blood-bathed the whole globe.

A Finnish parliamentarian thirty-three years after my father’s death wrote that “a military junta could best solve Greek crisis by using tanks to crush protestors.” Insulting not only the memory of this man, my father but thousands of Greeks who were imprisoned and exiled during the military junta, the thousands that were tortured, the hundreds that died during these dark seven years. Halla-aho insulted the victims of Franco in Spain and Pinochet in Chile; Hala-aho insulted the victims of Hitler and Stalin. And this time the excuse he has used in the past, that he is just a simple person from the country side doesn’t count on the contrary what he wrote shows how dangerous he is and that it is time for the Finnish justice and parliament to do something about people like him.

I have often written about my personal experiences of living in a dictatorship in Ovi magazine and the other magazines I write for and I have often mentioned that situations and regimes like that should never exist and that they still exist today is purely an embarrassment and tragedy for our history and civilization. Do you know what it is to need to ask the police to have a birthday party for your child or not to be allowed a gathering for more than four people? Even a family gathering can be suspicious as conspiracies against the regime. To have a nine year-old questioned, threaten by a pistol and terrified by the police because his father has escaped abroad? Do you know how it is to forbid the teaching of classics from schools because Sophocles mentions the word democracy? Of course Halla-aho doesn’t know, you see he didn’t have to earn or fight his democracy, he was lucky enough to get it as a present and that’s why he has absolutely no idea what democracy it is about.

Yes Halla-aho – in his case I have difficulties with the prefix ‘Mr.’ – in the beginning of the junta there were no demonstrations in Greece because there was only blood and fear. BUT even that lasted for months because the Greeks DID demonstrate even during the military junta and they demonstrated in Athens, in Salonika, in London, in Paris in your neighbour Stockholm, I know I was there in some of them. And the Greeks had – how you say it in Finnish? – more than enough SISU to go against the tanks in the Athens’ polytechnic a November night and having tens of young students dead they give the final hit to the military junta. You see Hala-aho you don’t even know what you are talking about.

Halla-aho is wishing a military junta to Greece to solve the problems and especially the demonstrations but how he would react to a soviet style junta in Finland to solve social differences and problems? But don’t get to that he will not understand it because except his ignorance on Greek history he has an equal ignorance on the Finnish history.

Halla-aho is not the ignorant country side boy, he is a parliamentarian of the Finnish republic and as that he should regarded and equally take responsibility of what he writes and says. And the Finnish republic is obliged to take the responsibility of having people like Hala-aho as its representatives and deal with them and the international embarrassment they bring.


As far Halla-aho, man stop playing with other nations’ dignity, if you had ever bothered to read Finnish history you would know that this is a very dangerous and unpredictable game!


P.S. Something that I have the feeling a lot of Finns missing when they find out that I’m Greek. I didn’t spent any of the Greek state money, I never stole any of the Greek state money, I didn’t ask them to give me any money and definitely I’m not personally responsible for the Euro-crisis so they have better stop asking me stupid questions and accusing me for that. 


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