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A rogue statelet of Europe, ridicules the whole continent!
by Christos Mouzeviris
2011-09-15 07:37:25
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Believe it or not, it has been 20 years since the independence of FYROM, or the "Macedonian" state! With an on-going dispute between the country and Greece about its name and Bulgaria on the language, this country seems to be followed by problems but supported by the powerful.

At their national celebrations on their independence day recently, they gathered around the statue of Alexander the Great, "cleverly" named as "The warrior on a horse" so they won't challenge Greece, and wearing ancient Macedonian soldier uniforms for the men, and high priestesses for the women. The images are borderline from kitsch to rather sad and pathetic! The statue of Alexander the Great cost millions of euros to build, in a country that unemployment and poverty are ravaging the country. Instead of trying to create jobs, work on their EU accession commitments and solving their issues with their neighboring countries of Greece and Bulgaria, never mind the inter community differences, they prefer to waste their money on a propaganda. Trying desperately to create some sense of an ethnic coherence and historic continuation by stealing other nations' heritage!

And not only from Greece! But from Bulgaria as well, since building a statue of Alexander the Great was not enough, they now have one of the Bulgarian Czar Samuel, also claimed to be "Macedonian!" Parading in their main squares with flags that include the Greek and Bulgarian parts of the European region of Macedonia (Pirin Macedonia, Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki) , yet they refuse to admit that they have any territorial interest in other countries' regions. Using again Greek symbols like the Sun of Vergina as their own, never mind the fact that the crowds that gathered in those national day celebrations were shouting anti-Greek slogans. And our European partners are still interested in admitting this rogue state in EU! Remind me again why should I as Greek and a European accept such country in EU?

To me this country is ruled by a megalomaniac lunatic, Mr Gruevski, who rules the country in no different way than Gadaffi ruled Libya, or Kim Jong-Il rules North Korea! They are trying to convince both their nationals and the Global community that the real threat comes from Greece, when they are the ones who are lying to their people and deprive them of any prosperity and a chance to enter the European community! They have created a rogue state in Europe, that will and must remain in isolation until Europe understands that the issue won't be resolved by putting pressure on Greece! They are preaching a false history and modern reality to their nationals, while keep attacking Greece with propaganda in any international event, media, organization, forum or gathering they can find.

When in a recent exhibition in Britain, British historians admitted the Greek heritage and history of Ancient Macedonia, Europeans are still ignorant about it and believe that Greece should give its position up and allow this state to enter the European family; so that some hardcore federalists can fulfill their Great New Map of a United Europe with all states being in it!  No way! Read some history and educate yourselves to find out who were the Ancient Macedonians and who was Alexander! When they have spread the Greek language and culture from Greece all the way to Egypt and India, is there still any doubt that Ancient Macedonia was not of Greek stock?

Not even Greece itself uses the ancient Greek warrior uniforms in their national holidays, to have Ancient Macedonian warriors parading on the streets of Skopje, is the least I can say pathetic. This country seems to be like a land of the misled and the brain washed! Full of kitsch, and a desperation to prove something that you are not, deriving from an inferiority complex when compared to other richer in heritage countries like Greece. They are raised to believe that the evil neighbors are to blame for all their misfortunes. Their attitude infuriates even me, who I am one of the most moderate and open minded Greeks, and I would accept a name that would describe them as residents of the Macedonian region, but not give them a Macedonian ethnicity; because simply there is none!

Macedonia should be a region of Europe, not a country or a nation. There is no Macedonian language, these people speak Bulgarian, and here comes their dispute with Bulgaria itself! My mother is a native Greek Macedonian, that have migrated from nowhere and are indigenous to the region. So as you see there are Greek Macedonians, Slavic Macedonians and Albanian Macedonians. Macedonia is a region of Europe now, that is comprised by many nationalities. The heritage though of Alexander remains with Greece, as the heritage of Pythagoras that have settled in South Italy and by today's geographical standards he was Italian. I do not see any reason at all why the Greeks should abandon their heritage,so that a tiny country of Europe can prosper while keep having anti-Greek sentiments. Or for the fanatic Euro-Federalists that won't have their vision of the map of Europe fulfilled.

There is no way that I would accept their accession in EU, unless they stopped this erratic behavior and cooperated with Greece and Bulgaria. They can still call themselves "Macedonians" by the geography of their state, but could they please drop the propaganda against Greece, and trying to steal its heritage? We in Greece call them "Slavomacedonians", that translates as Macedonians of Slavic origin. Because that is simply what they are! If they feel that their rights are being suppressed by Greece by refusing to recognize them as the descendants of Alexander, then so are mine that as a Greek Macedonian I have to watch my rights being ignored and my heritage taken by some who do not deserve it!

And not just that, but also I have to watch all our "allies" and "partners" in EU and NATO, naming them as they want them to be named, totally ignoring Greece's wishes or sensitivities. And here comes the role of the media again and the Global propaganda. Who supports FYROM and why, who finances it and who has anything to gain by the on-going problem? Like Kosovo, FYROM is supported by Global players; otherwise how on Earth they could finance their multimillion attempt to create a national identity, while being one of the poorest nations of Europe? They do deals with richer countries that have different interests for the region of the Southern Balkans, or even globalists and multinational companies that are pumping money into that state. Their corrupt elite of course use those money for propaganda and not to better their citizens' living conditions. As if it is more important to prove to themselves and the World that they are the descendants of Alexander the Great, rather becoming a rich and prosperous country. Talking about complexes!

And who gains by this on-going problem not being solved? Think about it! Because Greece won't bow out of this as easily and it shouldn't, if it wants to have any respect and pride for itself and its citizens. The last thing I will say, is shame to all European states or "allies" of Greece, that believe that the solution will come by pressuring Greece to accept this state into EU and NATO! SHAME ON YOU!


you can see some pictures of the celebrations in Skopje and FYROM, in the following link: 

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Emanuel Paparella2011-09-15 14:32:46
Indeed, cultural influences are rather mysterious phenomena. Moreover, the concept of the pure superior race and culture is also a nefarious propagandistic myth. For example, the whole of Southern Italy was a Greek colony at one time (beginning in 800 BC) and Greek was spoken before Latin there, since the Romans arrived in the region only around 500 BC; culturally they borrowed heavily from Greek culture which they admired and would call the whole Southern Italian region Magna Graecia. Napoli (na polis) is actually older than Rome. To this day there are villages in the region of Puglia and Calabria where a corrupted ancient Greek is still spoken as a dialect. There are beautifully preserved Greek temples and amphitheaters in Paestum, near Naples, and in Agrigento and Siracusa in Sicily. That does not mean that these cultural influences should be politicized and that Southern Italy should now revert to Greece, although the temptation to propose such an idea has occurred to me at times when listening to the racist pronouncements of Umberto Bossi and his Lega Nord. While acknowledging the Greek heritage and influence it would make no sense for those southern Italian villages to begin celebrating it by parading as ancient Greek soldiers, thus politicizing those relevant cultural influences, corrupting them, and rendering them rather ridiculous. I have always thought ridiculous the sight of Roman soldiers before the Coliseum. That was the false myth of a Mussolini who tried to sell the idea that all Italians were descendant from the ancient Romans. And this leads one to a curious current paradox: in the era of the European Union we have regional separatist movements in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium. I return to my mantra: is Europe still in search of its soul? As Cavour said: “now that we have made Italy we need to make the Italians.” Pari passu: now that we have made Europe, we still need to make the Europeans? Is a cultural union ultimately a delusion within an illusion once the most powerful cultural cement represented by the phenomenon of Christianity has been summarily discarded? Time will tell.

Christos Mouzeviris2011-09-15 20:58:39
Mr Paparella, I totally agree with you..And that is what I am trying to say with my posts, that we need to promote our cultural identity as well, if we want to make EU work..People do not understand or care about economics and capita and growth rates. People want to see EU affecting and bettering their lives directly..I am not sure if Christianity is necessary, but for sure you got a point there...I as an agnostic, I accept Christianity's role in European culture, even though not always positive..So when our leaders will put this into their little head..??

Ma2011-09-16 00:21:39
The idiocy of this post is only surpassed by the idiocy of its author.

Christos Mouzeviris2011-09-16 00:23:18
Ma...Can you explain us why..? Where do you base your conclusion? Is it just because it does not agree with you? Eh?

Anastasios2011-09-16 19:15:13
The people who live in FYROV-ia are mostly of Slavic descent with a substantial minority of Albanians. There are no Greeks in FYROV-ia other than those who do business there, probably in the very few thousands. I went there once and they do have some idiots the Gruesky-ious type, but most peopled are OK. The Slavic FYROVians wants to be called Makedones, they even claim to be descendants of the Makedones of Ancient Greece, despite of the fact that they migrated to that region a long, long time after Megas Alexandros' era. My view is to just let them be, simply do not recognize them. They will eventually be partitioned into their respective ethnic units.

Christos Mouzeviris2011-09-16 21:19:13
Anastasie, I think that is the only solution, when it comes to it...Since they can not realize the truth and they are being brainwashed by their leaders, there is no other way...Sad but true..I do want to see them in EU though and NATO, one or the other way..But for sure not under the "Macedonian" ethnic group....

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