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Back in USSR
by Thanos Kalamidas
2006-09-08 10:24:27
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I was reading in the news that the US government demands more data on the passports for European travelers to the USA and I just remembered the good old…USSR! They demanded more, actually, and because they were not happy with the information they were getting they were doing their own research - If you asked them, they used to call everybody a 'terrorist' as well.

The issue here is not just if I am a terrorist or not, the issue is why they make me feel like a terrorist, how much information do they mean by 'further information' and why do they think if I was a terrorist I would have this information on public view. Let’s take things one by one. I am no terrorist, according to my principals, but I am a terrorist for every follower of the apartheid and to my astonishment most of them live in the USA.

I’m not a Muslim, which automatically qualifies somebody as a suspect, but I don’t consider myself a Christian either, which is suspicious to one of the new-Christians that control the American administration and, in extent, the American services. I’m European all right, but I’m not one of these blonde Swedes with the ice blue eyes since Europe also includes Italy, Portugal and Greece with their darker colors and black eyes. I fail the prototype of Arnold Schwarzenegger if that was their idea of a non-terrorist.

I believe in democracy where people have the right to judge the decisions of their administration, I believe that the war in Iraq was a huge mistake, I believe in the autonomy of the countries and no country has the right to promote to another country democracy with violence.

I’m against the USA or any other country playing the role of international policeman because this is the job of the UN and, in the end, they are doing it only to support their petty business plans. I’m against every kind of racism and prejudice, and I believe that by asking for all this extra information the American administration is guilty of prejudice.

But are these the things that will judge me and will be in my passport’s microchip that the USA is demanding, because if it is then, Houston, we have a serious problem with human rights!

Here we are, I have no idea if I am a terrorist or not because nobody tells me how you identify this identity and what 'less or more information' means. Going further, is the American administration interested in my financial situation, and if it is, why? The US likes to be famous for its free commercial system that goes so far to fund the government and since the budget is so high how do I know that the private sector will not fund it with the exchange of my private information. How can they use it? Let your imagination run free!

If that is true then the USA is not interested in terrorists, but only in controlling who comes and goes with pure financial criteria. This is amazing when it comes from a country with 37 million living in poverty and homeless, that the very same administration doesn’t know how to protect or help, die on the streets.

Finally, but not least, all the latest terrorist attacks in the UK and Spain proved that the terrorists are not Arabs with long dresses and long beards coming with dynamite strapped to their chest, but ordinary every day people who live next door, have the local citizenship with the right to elect and be elected. Actually, they were not different to anybody else and despite all the myths nobody has ever noticed anything unusual about them.

Afterwards they found out too many things that they had noticed, but that’s partly thanks to the 10 minutes of fame courtesy of the media; until then they were just neighborhood boys. If they are terrorists, they are not like these B-movies where they had cool training in the desert and then started flying planes over Washington. They probably fulfill all the stereotypes of the welcome tourist or businessman.

Why do all the terrorists come from Europe? Doesn’t the same apply in the USA? Or is everybody there an angel? Are all the stories in the media about white trash terrorism a myth? Who told them that I want this trash here? What nationality was the guy with the bomb in Oklahoma? An Arab? He was an ordinary American citizen! Was he alone? The FBI believes not, so how do I know that his accomplices are not in Europe by now?

To go further, according to my principals all these religious preachers that often visit Europe preaching the right way of life adding more money to their bank accounts and funding the Republican Party and this administration are equally dangerous with all the fundamentalist Muslim ayatollahs! They come here and demand to meet state officials and when they are not welcome they scream prejudice, if that could be possible.

The US administration obviously underestimates the power of tourism as well. For how long will people accept this humiliation? I have had enough and I feel that this administration has insulted me too often and shows no sign of relenting. So now, please tell me what’s the difference with the old USSR?

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