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Now we know why Brussels is the centre of EU
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-08-29 08:19:30
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I have to admit that it took me a bit but now I understood why the European leadership was so eager for the Belgian Herman Van Rompuy to become the president of the Union. They vision a European future similar to the one Belgium enjoys this minute! A union without unity! Actually that explains why Brussels is the Union’s capital.

Do you remember when the European council of the member’s states leaders chose Mr. Van Rompuy and Catherine Ashton in the presidency and foreign relations office? We all looked each other wandering what’s going on and what was the hidden agenda. Well now we know; and I’m not talking about the possibility of turning the EU into a Belgium without authority – actually that is something they succeeded – but they put these people in those position simply because things were changing without control and any plan B and they were powerless in front the new realities.

Oddly it was Olli Rehn who said it while under pressure from the press nearly a year ago while talking about the Greek debt crisis: that’s it, there is no plan B; this is it and it has to work! And there was never a plan B for Europe. There was no different cases scenario and there was never worst case scenario. There was only the idea and the far away dream. In the meantime things changed internationally in - every single level. The society changed, the needs and the demands changed, the economy changed and oddly Europe always had an opinion on what the other’s were doing but never plan for what she was doing.

The debt crisis is not the worst the European Union is dealing with is just the peak of the iceberg. The worst crisis is political and it has started from early 1990s escalating to take nemesis dimension in the end of 2006. What we live now is the eye of the storm. But to my opinion what the visionaries of the European Union missed in their calculation from the beginning was the agenda’s – national and international but always personal – the European politicians hold. And you can build a union with members that have different and often personal agendas that most of the times contradict each other.

You just need to look at the Finns nowadays to understand what I mean when I talk about politicians’ agendas. By the way referring to the Finns I mean the nation and not this travesty name the extreme right party former known as the True Finns has changed into forgetting that doesn’t matter how many names they change the face remains the same and it is really ugly! So the Finns, the long good and obedient children of Europe have turned the last month into spoiled brats kicking into the air and crying because daddy didn’t get them a new toy. And the spoiled brat this minute endangers the European unity starting a pact with Austria and perhaps Slovenia with uncalculated sequences fro everybody including Finland herself and despite the warnings from Germany that has the power to slap Finland hard on the behinds anytime. And why all; this happens? Because the Finnish traditional political parties and especially the conservative ones are scared of the raise of the xenophobic and extreme right. In other words they are ready to screw Europe  for internal reasons.

But Angela Merkel did exactly the same a year ago stalling the political decision till she gets the public approval she needed while the Greek debt crisis was reaching unbelievable heights and by the way if she had taken the decision when she should Spain and Italy might had been off the hook by now. You see the domino effect they are all so scared has already started working but except lacking plan B they are also blind!

Does this situation remind you something? Belgium of course with the minorities’ leaders on each other throats ignoring not only the common good but even the common logic and the only thing that still works in Belgium is the bureaucracy out of habit and without carrying or interest! Oh, yes there is also a king!!! My apologies dear Mr. Barroso!


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Emanuel Paparella2011-08-29 08:42:14
Indeed Thanos, as the poet William Butler Yeats once put it in his poem The Second Coming: "The center does not hold; things fall apart." Unfortunately, we may not have seen the worst yet as the centrifugal forces gain more strenght by the day and Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

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