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Tough being American
by Dustin A. Lane
2006-09-13 00:18:21
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It's tough being an American these days. Senator John Edwards (former Vice Presidential candidate) says he voted wrong in authorizing the war in Iraq and that we should pull out. Several other Senators say we should pull out of Iraq based on an arbitrary timeline, while one other Senator, who broke with party lines over the war in Iraq, fails in a primary bid for re-election.

The History Channel is rife with programming over September 11th, 2001, and the impression I get from overseas is that the rest of the world thinks the average American is a moron for letting it all continue. For all of our shortcomings, the average American doesn't just let things happen to us, we are still in Iraq because we choose to be. Perhaps I can explain why and why we need to stay there. If not maybe I can just get my name in print. Hey, we all need a fallback plan.

As we approach the anniversary for September 11th, it is fitting to ask why we should stay in Iraq and I thought I would give you my perspective on why America needs to stay the course in Iraq. Hey, don't thank me, I'm a giver. I voted for G.W. Bush twice, the first time was because I was tired of what Gore represented, another four years of Clinton and asking if a cigar and an intern were a supposed to meet in the White House like that.

I voted for him a second time because Kerry was not an option; trust me, the argument that a monkey can run the war better is only funny until the Democrats actually expected me to vote for a monkey. Let me state that I do not vote based on party, I vote based on the person, I trusted President Clinton until it was past laughable and I did the same for President Bush until it was beyond obvious that he lied. Let me caveat political trust here, when a politician isn't kissing the baby for the photo shoot he's trying to steal her candy.

To truly love someone you must love both the good and the bad they bring to the table, otherwise you're just in it for their lasagna recipe. A nationality is no different and let me tell you I love my country, I love that we are a melting pot, I love the politics, the debates, the stunning natural beauty, the stupidity (Trust me, there is nothing funnier than watching a guy walk, waste deep, in Katrina flood waters while carrying an open umbrella) and the awe-inspiring intelligence of my fellow countrymen and women; yet most of all I love the sneers and utter contempt shown to me by people when I leave it or am forced to defend why I love it. It's like a Harley, if I gotta explain it, you wouldn't understand.

So I have admitted that President Bush lied, and I am still here about to tell you why we should stay in Iraq, I admit I'm not doing so well in changing your feelings that all Americans are just plain daft. Being honest, however, is facing the truth that we are there and we have a moral obligation to prevent what is a clear indication of pending civil war and genocide if we are to abruptly pull out.

I do not support my President nor do I trust him, but I cannot let animosity towards him blur the issue that we must finish what we have started in Iraq. We are no longer there to find phantom WMD and this was never about the oil, but I can not advocate pulling out. The environment has changed and we as a nation must come to terms with this and acknowledge that we have created a situation that will outlive presidential administrations.

The average American knows that a pull out reminiscent of Vietnam is not an option and for all the criticism of the collective stupidity of Americans we do learn, hence the begrudging support of President Bush and the Republican Party. This is not about national pride, but learning from history and acknowledging a clear and present danger in Iraq, and to the Iraqi people, if we were to pull out. If following your word and doing the right thing in the face of adversity is an American ideal (not a political one, mind you) then we have no choice but to follow through in Iraq.

I know of many Americans that hate their country because it is the fashionable thing to do, and if they are asked why they hate America they sound like a bad political sound bite; no opinion of their own, just a repetition of someone else's opinion. So to fellow Americans loving her, hating her or something in between is great, but at least know why you feel the way you do.

To everyone else out there - It could be debated that the world has hated us ever since they found out Darth Vader really was Luke's father, but that doesn't mean the rank and file American is as stupid as the world wants to think. Any nationality hates being humble, especially when they are always right. I mean really, how hard is it for you all to accept that Stockholm is the capital of Greece. I gotta tell ya, it's tough being an American these days.

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mark. an american.2006-09-06 23:02:20
What utter bollocks. What stupid crap. Are you retarded?

While I may agree that an immediate withdrawal from Iraq would be more dangerous than beneficial, I cannot for the life of me see how you can compare Bush and Clinton.

Clinton had sex and lied; his lie may have caused some embarrassment and a few million dollars in book publishing deals, but no one really got hurt. Bush lied and lies on a day to day basis and thousands and thousands and thousands of people are paying the price with their lives.

You say that many Americans are doing the "fashionable thing" and "hating America," I am an American, and the only thing I hate is what Bush and the facist, bible thumping, right-wing have done to Her.

You voted not only once but TWICE for the Idiot in Charge??? And then you have the audacity to print your tripe complaining with tongue in cheek that it is hard being an American??? it is your own fault. You voted for him. It is your fault. Stop making jokes and start making a difference.

Impeach all those bastards, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gonzalez and on and on!

Help us make it better, don't make funny jokes about friggin cigars for Christ's sake.

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