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When Timo changed his name into Andy!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-08-22 08:39:43
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Dear friends when I woke up this morning I decided that my name doesn’t add to my uniqueness and exceptional personality so I decided to change it into …David! I know you find hard to believe it but since I change my name I became younger – something like twenty-two – at least 5 inches taller and I lost all this weight that troubles me the last ten years. By the way I’m not diabetic anymore and my heart as new and young!

You probably think that I’m joking and of course I am but who is not joking is Timo Soini who under the light of the Norwegian events last month and the often mentioned of the True Finns he decided that the name damages the party’s reputation abroad so he changed the name True Finns into The Finns but only its English version! Something like a name for export!

So it was not the things The “true” Finns represent that attracted Anders Behring Breivik but the name. I mean the man had a revelation when he saw the name and the often mention of the name in his manifest has nothing, absolutely nothing with what The “true” Finns represent and preach. But the best part of the announcement is that the name The Finns is only for export, external use, in English. In Finland and for internal use they continue using the name Perussuomalaiset which in English translates …True Finns!

Following the name of the party and purely for external use I think that Timo should change also his name. instead of Timo he could be called Andy Smith! Any connection between Andy and Adolf is purely coincidental and please don’t let your dirty mind make any wrong connections. And of course Jussi Halla-aho can change his into Juicy Hula-hoop.

This is one of those times when reality competes in ridicule even the sickest comedy and if Timo Soini thinks that changing the name for external use will change the identity of his party and the way it is dealt from the international media then he has serious problems into understanding how democracy works but then again that has been one of his main problems from the very beginning.

Of course there is a more serious side for the whole thing. Calling a party “The True Finns” - a name with open prejudice and perhaps racist edge - and participating in international events, forums even in the European parliament it was a case of time when somebody would point it out and do something about it calling Timo Soini for explanations in front perhaps the European court of human rights. Actually I’m curious why the Finnish legal system hasn’t done something about it since the name only violate the Finnish constitution that protects all the inhabitants of this country despite origins, colour or religion.

But then again that demands some conscious especially a democratic and social conscious and I’m afraid that’s something that I’m afraid The “true” Finns lack any democratic conscious from their foundations.

What remains for Timo Soini now is the next big step. Change the name The Finns into “Fin” and give an end to all this travesty.


P.S. Another idea would be to make a duet with Eminem and the song ..."my name is"



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Emanuel Paparella2011-08-22 10:40:10
Indeed, a rose by any other name is a rose, and smells the same. Wasn't it Hemingway who said: a rose is a rose is a rose?

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