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Souls of eternal torment
by Rob Jenkinson
2006-09-05 19:46:32
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The Allotments of God and Nature is a surreal comedy audio clip born out of desperation at the thought of two to three months unemployment and was created to entertain its creator; success wouldn't be a bad by-product too.

Being a sweet talker, I managed to talk two actors, Dave Chapman and Ian Kirkby, into reading his scripts and wasted the time of some BBC sound engineers in order to produce this audio delight.

The public, adverts, TV, funerals, places and things are the influences of this nightmarish soundscape where the perverse is the reality: "If this was metal, it'd be called ice-core. But it's not, so it's called Dark Comedy."

If you want to commission Allotments and put it on either the TV or Radio, please contact me - my email can be heard within the audio clip.


The Allotments of God and Nature
Writer / Producer: Rob Jenkinson
Length: 10:44
Size: 9.83mb

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Ace2006-09-04 18:20:33
The final sketch has a real 'League of Gentlemen' feel about it. I love listening to this, although it has given me strange feelings whenever I pass a funeral parlour now. Massage?

Jon2006-09-08 03:39:33
Fantastic! I'd like to see it on TV, it's about time there was a really dark sketch show.

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