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Let's talk about economic governance Nicolas and Angela
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-08-17 07:51:56
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Deep breathe, one – two – three; another deep breathe. They must be joking, aren’t they? After spending a couple of hours drinking strong German coffee and enjoying croissant with a bit of jam from Normandy Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy decided that what Europe needs is strong economic governance. And I suppose after the multiple orgasms they had a cigarette!!!

A couple of days ago in another article, I wrote that the European politicians have lost any sense of reality and today Merkel and Sarkozy proved that they must live in another dimension somewhere where no man has gone before; otherwise there is no explanation for announcements like that. A strong economic governance Angela and Nicolas? You are …let me see …forty years late!!! Even Margaret Thatcher had suggested it and she was not the exemplary pro-European leader.

None of these problems with the European debt appeared last week or last month but instead of taking the necessary political decision that would have led to solutions even as late as 2004 – when the debt problem started becoming more than obvious – they limited themselves into giving around yellow and red cards – like they were referring a football game – and the only political decisions they took were just to cover up! And neither of them is innocent since both Nicolas and Angela were members of their national governments – actually Nicolas was Prime Minister – and fully aware what was coming.

Now Nicolas and Angela, playing the role of the pan-European leaders first of all underestimates the European Presidency – which is a joke anyway – and secondly demands from the other European leaders – supposedly equal – to obey in the name of the new discovered unity. But what unity? A "unity" that becomes convenient and necessity only when the troubles started knocking their doors? When the markets started hitting the French economy Sarkozy discovers how uncontrollable and untrustworthy the markets are nowadays for the national economy? But wasn’t also them two who decided to escape from the nationalization model and depend their national economy on the international stock market?

Wasn’t it them with Toni Blair, Silvio Berlusconi and many others who sold the European welfare states to the first binder of the New York stock exchange? The famous European welfare state has become private organizations funded from the state and charging unbelievable fees the citizens.

So right, let’s talk about a pan-European economic governance. Will that include a pan-European self sufficient market with controlled imports and aggressive exports policy? Will that means that instead of importing genetic manipulated products – illegal to grow in Europe and in theory illegal to sell – from USA and aggressively export dairy products especially to USA, dairy products that at least they will not only have the original taste but they will even produced from the original materials. And will we control the imports from China which has overwhelmed Europe with fake European products so well copied that only the price reveals their origins. Do you need more? In Europe we underestimate the tourist industry and I’m not talking about the Greek or the Italian islands and the Spanish beaches; London is one of the most popular destinations internationally all around the year and what about Wien or Berlin? Do you need more? Twenty years ago the European commercial fleet was by far the biggest in the world and this minute the Chinese and the South American easily competes it.

So what economic governance we are talking about Nicolas and Angela when you left the European economy to go from under the safety of the states’ umbrella to Soros’ pockets? Because that’s what really happened, they entrusted national wealth and treasures in the hands of the money believing that money don’t have soul but ignoring the fact that money have life on their own.

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Emanuel Paparella2011-08-17 15:05:51
Indeed Thanos, the reason when I wrote that Fascism may be coming to the whole of western civilization is quite simply that one cannot fail to notice the same unreasonable ideological trends on both sides of the Atlantic. What Merkel and Sarkozy have just adopted are precisely the same economic view of Jim DeMind and Michelle Bachmann in the US: a Hooverist economic policy which spells the death of Keynesian economics and may lead the whole Western world toward an economic disaster. On both sides of the Atlantic the political-economic discussion is dominated by long-term debt when it should be focused on the present threat of double deep economic recession. As Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman has been advocating lately, in a time of anemic growth and high unemployment, what governments need to do, on both sides of the Atlantic, is stimulate the growth of the economy by more spending rather than austerity measures. But nobody seems to be listening. It’s almost as if there were a death wish within the Western world; for what is being done instead is insisting on removing massive amount of money from the economy. That can only aggravate the present situation. These midget politicians abysmally ignorant of economic realities, not to mention cultural realities, think that they sound serious when they talk about their national or super-national debt (the American dollar or the euro zone), yet the failure of austerity measures to decrease the debt ought to be obvious to any sane observer. The only rational proposals for decreasing sovereign debt are proposals for economic growth. What is being proposed instead is an illusion within a delusion. What may be coming is a depression which may make the one of the 30s look like a picnic in comparison. Is anybody listening?

Thanos2011-08-17 21:03:16
I’m afraid that Cameron’s (UK’s PM) latest comments about overused …human rights laws to undermined crimes and that while blaming sixteen and seventeen year-olds for the British economic and social crisis!!! The best part was that his solution was to punish the British youth with organizing work summer camps!!! If that is not bringing fascist memories from the past then I’m wondering what does!!!

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