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Caffeinated: Countryside VS the City
by Giorgos Vrachliotis
Issue 13
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The longest traffic jam I’ve ever seen
Countryside VS the City

Right now I’m travelling through some forests returning to the city from a weekend at my parents house in Corfu island and I’m thinking “Why on earth am I leaving this heaven?” and to go where? To the city???

It’s more of philosophical dilemma actually since I already know the answer to this question, I can’t study there! The local university doesn’t support my subject and I couldn’t possibly make the same “business connections” there. However, I can’t stop thinking about this... What is this special thing big cities have that make us... flock there?

It can’t be the small distances, there aren’t any! It can’t be the clean natural environment, there is no such thing in a city! It can’t be the safe and secure streets, there aren’t any, and it definitely isn’t the quality surrounding a child requires to grow up!

So why do we insist on living in such a place? Employment, entertainment and fast and easy access to quality medical care are a few things that come to my mind instantly. The opportunities are endless in a city...

Oh, who am I joking? I began writing this piece in order to make a convincing argument on why it would be cool to move to the countryside but I’m not even able to convince my self... I like it here! Sometimes it feels really “cold” and unwelcoming but I still like it!

Don’t miss it
Salonica documentary film festival!

The 8th documentary film festival takes place in Salonica Greece between 10/03 and 19/03. This year's topic is globalization and the featuring films look really promising.

I will have more to say on the subject when the actual festival takes place since it hasn’t begun yet but judging from the last year's festival it’s going to be quite educating and really rich in fresh images of the world!

Don’t miss it
A brief escape to the country...

Well since we can’t move away from the cities, the least we could do is to take a few moments away from all this craziness... I think it’s worth it!!!

Reality is an illusion caused by the lack of alcohol!
If you can’t avoid it enjoy it!
If it doesn’t suit you, change it!

Anyway, I was reading the other day in some paper that some EU project is going to install free wireless internet to my village somewhere in the middle of nowhere... On one hand this is a terrible waste of funds since I can’t think of anyone capable of taking advantage of such a bed of roses, on the other hand though it will give one more incentive to visit more often!!! After all with or without wireless it’s still a heaven...


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