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The failure of national governments
by Newropeans-Magazine
2011-07-27 11:03:03
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The EU is good at crises, is what the past tells us. If that is true, hopefully this eurocrisis triggers a new round of deeper EU integration, or better, eurozone integration. This time, unlike before, the member state governments cannot escape from explaining their electorates how dependent they are on European integration.

Now, the biggest achievement of integration of nation-states in world history is at stake – the euro currency. In order to rescue the euro from a quick death more coordination of efforts at EU level is needed. Transferring more powers to Brussels demands honest explanation to the electorate. In trying to solve this puzzle that goes back to the origins of the Greek debt crisis, the governments of the rich member states know deep down that they are guilty of the problem too.

The euro countries are also responsible for the weaving errors made in monetary integration. First, they approved accession of Greece to the euro. Second, for ten years they gave out loans to Greece. German, French, and Dutch banks alike have earned interest rate for their holding of Greek bonds for years. The internal market has brought them enormous economic profits. Now we have to pay our dues for that too. Right now the moment has come that they have to explain to the opposition in parliament, where populism reigns, why it is wise to pour billions of euro’s into the Greek misery.

Politically they have failed too; by pushing through the European Constitution in an intergovernmental way the national governments refused to face the democratic deficit that hampers the EU. Does it look like a crisis never comes alone? This one has been looming in the dark for 50 years.

The naked evidence that their elitist way of government flies into their face is there for everyone to see. And the 300 million citizens living in the eurozone will seize the very next opportunity to cast their verdict. This time, our national leaders will not get away with hiding the European reality we live in.


Thijs de Wolff
Newropeans, Den Haag

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