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Timo and Jussi, did you sleep last night?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-07-25 11:46:26
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I’m wondering how Jussi Halla-Aho and Timo Soini slept the last couple of days knowing that a mass murderer glorified them in his murder manifest. Please, can somebody tell me what’s the difference between the pictures from New York 2001 and the pictures from Oslo 2011? Please tell me what’s the diferenvce between Anders Behring Breivik and Osama Bin Laden. Please tell me what’s the difference between the Taliban mullahs and the Jussi Halla-ahos of this continent.

I’m really angry and really sad and the pictures I see in the media the last couple of days bring tears in my eyes, the problem is that I don’t know if they are tears of sadness or tears of anger. And reading blogs, forums and comments in media I really freak out, they actually terrify me. “What happened in Norway is reprehensible but the number in Muslim in Europe is out of control.” I read in a blog and in internet news agency I read, “never a mosque in a Christian country, never in Europe.” With another saying that “the Muslims, their invasion in Europe and multiculturalism causes these reactions.” How Christian all of them! Out of curiosity, has anybody in this world ever read the Bible and the Koran? Has anybody the slightest idea what these books talk about? Or is it me - the atheist - who knows that the message of tolerance and love are the milestone of those books.

It is only a few weeks ago when the Finnish police found nothing wrong – actually they said that there was nothing prejudice or threatening democracy - in the creation of a Nazi party in Finland which manifests that the colour of the country is white and that should be the colour of its inhabitants. After the WWII everybody said that Hitler had described nearly everything he did twenty years ago in his book and Anders Behring Breivik had manifested his actions weeks before acting. And he is not alone. And how could he be when “politicians” in the name of “free speech” preach hate they legitimise these people, they give them the necessary theoretical background and then it’s only missing the gun.

Three years ago a 19 year-old boy stormed in a school in Helsinki and started shooting killing kids and teachers. He also had manifested his actions in a long essay excusing his act and hatred to a society that includes foreigners and demands a change to a world where tolerance is not just a word but a way of life. One year ago the German chancellor, Angela Merkel proudly announced that multiculturalism has failed connecting multiculturalism with immigration and radicalism, two days ago Anders Behring Breivik killed over ninety people. He used the same excuses.

By the way Jussi, did you enjoy the honour by mentioned in the manifest of a murderer? For over four years here in Ovi magazine I’m talking and I’m writing about the changes I see in Finland and a few months ago sensing the unbelievable then rise of the True Finns I keep warning that their populist talk and uncontrollable talk – in the name of free speech – will bring uncontrollable results. And I’m afraid we haven’t seen the worst yet. Prejudice has no limits and is just weeks ago when in another article I wrote about the prejudice that incubates inside Europe among Europeans, between north and south. Now it is Christian Muslims why not orderly northerners with the lazy southerners, after all the officials have said things like that. Why stop multiculturalism between Europe and Arabs and not expanded between north and south?

I’m really sad and really angry and unfortunately nothing helps to changed that. Instead of talking about tolerance we talk about immigration and instead of improvement and understanding we are talking about adaptation of “our” life style.

I’m really sad because boys and girls – most of the dead in a Youth camping site are boys and girls – were murdered in the name of …a better future at least as Anders Behring Breivik could see this future and sadly it is exactly the same future Bin Laden was dreaming with only deferent names, semantics! I’m angry because Anders Behring Breivik and all the Breiviks of this world never hidden their aims we just underestimate them and dismiss them because even in the murder we are prejudice, we cant believe that one of our own can do that!

Finally, Timo and Jussi please tell me in which part you don’t feel responsible and out of curiosity, did you sleep the last two nights?

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Emanuel Paparella2011-07-25 15:07:14
Indeed Thanos, that is always the biggest surprise to those who sit on the sideline of the issue of multi-culturalism: that all the negatives projected on the other can also appear one fine day in "one of us." It is a delusion of the first order to think that the intolerant Nazi mentality and ideological fanaticism (sometimes parading as religion) can appear only in certain places and certain people. Unfortunately no nation is immune from it, decadence and regression can take place any place and in any people. All that is needed is amnesia about one's own history and genuine heritage and about the fact that original sin is universal.

Hank W.2011-07-25 18:08:34
Did the Beatles sleep well after Manson family did their killings?


Andreas2011-07-26 09:37:48
Hank W.
I find your attempt to link how a psychopath can do his own reading between the lines of Beatles lyrics and kill in the name of his own interpretation with any politician/terrorist leader who tries to persuade people to become sheeps by selling them ideals that lead to mind control, xenophobia and killings as inappropriate and irrelevant to what is mentioned here.

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