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Greek military rule gives in to democracy Greek military rule gives in to democracy
by The Ovi Team
2021-07-23 10:00:21
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July 23rd 1974; the military government in Greece has collapsed and the former Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis has been invited to return. Huge crowds gathered to greet him at Athens airport and there has been jubilation in the streets of the Greek capital to mark the beginning of a return to democracy.

Conservative Mr Karamanlis, 67, was prime minister for an unprecedented eight years until the centre-left won power in the country's last democratic election in 1963. He has been in self-imposed exile in Paris since then but he was one of eight former senior politicians invited to return yesterday by the foundering military leadership. A military junta led by Colonel Papadopoulos, Colonel Makarezos and Brigadier Pattakos seized power in Greece in April 1967.




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Leah Sellers2015-07-27 15:53:43
Funny, and not so funny, how the historical Patterns of the Past continue to echo into the Present and Future with hysterical and zany rigid certainty in various differing Forms consisting of the very same Basic Energies leading into more and more and further and further Rippling Consequences of Nonsense.

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