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Merkel's master plan and europe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-07-16 09:03:36
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In a way it saddened me reading Professor Paparella’s articles about the European Unity and its foundations or at list the hopes and the dreams for a federal Europe that will include all the European states with common ground not only their geographical position but their historic roots and idealistic background. Unfortunately it all ends up in political decisions and in contemporary Europe in wrong political decisions.

Veiling the problems with the Greek economic crisis for over a decade the European unity is tested in every single level and the European leadership turned the Greek drama into a European comedy with millions of people losing their faith for a better future than only unity could offer them or at least the unity the forefathers of the European Union had dreamt and promised. And the long avoiding domino effect has started with Italy joining the club of Greece, Portugal and Ireland with the rest, even France feeling the danger getting closer and suddenly Germany is calling for the member states to wait, dot do anything and see what will happen. And all that having seen that the imminent future hinds no surprises for the people of Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Italy.

Obviously the forefathers didn’t calculate micro-politics, geopolitical changes, personal agendas and contemporary economic and social conflicts, perhaps the forefathers of the European unity bewitched by the greater plan didn’t foreseen human greed and – to use Professor Paparella’s words again – raving Machiavellianism.  And the examples in contemporary Europe plenty, from the Greek Papandreou to the Finnish Katainen and from Berlusconi and Sarkozy to Angela Merkel. And I have to admit Angela Merkel is perhaps the most intriguing Machiavellian character in Europe. Perhaps a lot has to do with her east European background and the decades of waiting to conquer the capitalist world. Raised and educated in a system where for the good of a “foggy” nation where people are plain numbers ready to sacrifice everything in the name of the idea and human needs didn’t count only the greater idea did she first practiced her ideological and theoretical act in paper ignoring anything away from the greater plan. And then came unification and she got everything capitalism had promised to her, the chance. The deflated girl of east Europe from the stricter regimes of the soviet pact – actually even Stalin’s Russia looked democratic in front of the East Germany’s regimes – climbed in the leadership of one of the most powerful European parties able to form policies that would not just influence a nation but the whole globe.

Fulfilling this greater plan Ms Merkel was able and flexible to accept the European unity and the European solidarity in front of the nightmarish economic future the German unification was bringing for the whole of Germany and not only called it but Germany demanded from her allies to stand by her and offer their best. The German unifications would have ever been smooth as it was if Germany wasn’t part of the European family, the very same family with the dreams and the faith Professor Paparella talks in his articles. But the great plan has a Germanic center and that didn’t change after the unification. For the first steps alliances with France occasionally were necessary – tactical moves – in the beginning, an obligation later and a weight lately. So the ideals of European unity died under the name of a German power that dominates Europe where European states serve Merkel’s geopolitical agendas. And of course I point and target Merkel because Germany has shown enlighten politicians in the past that helped and worked for the European unity like Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt and Helmut Kohl.

Angela Merkel’s geopolitical agenda goes far beyond the European crisis. The Greek economic crisis will separate the European family from the strong and the weak, creating the Europe of two speeds where the center with Germany leading and perhaps UK and France on the side will control and dominate decisions and the rest following like satellites consuming and obeying - now, I don’t know why I have a déjà vu and that reminds me Nikita Khrushchev’s dreams for the Warsaw Pact! - additionally creating a very strong political and economic bar for the German geopolitical aims.

And on top of that there is a bonus issue underestimated in general or better covered under the veil of the superpower, the American economic is in serious crisis and the American crisis is not far from the Greek crisis. The sequences of a USA crisis will be unbelievable and they will hit the international economies sorely even changing the status quo of the international laws and boarders. Whole nations depend on the dollar and just think what will happened in Japan or in Israel the day the dollar will collapse and in extent what will happen in the middle east and far east with china for example already becoming a global economic player.

I wish the leadership of Europe could read Ovi magazine – even though I know that some do – and through Professor Paparella’s articles remember why and how this dream started and why when we talk about a United Europe our references are not to just a pact but a union of a family with common ideological, historical and geographical roots; with common allies and common foes but most of all with more things that unite us than separate us, hoping that the things that separate us – like micro-politics and personal agendas – will be overwhelmed from the things that unite us.

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Emanuel Paparella2011-07-17 04:21:52
Indeed Thanos, to continue our dialogue, it seems to me that for the founding fathers’ vision to work in the EU, multicultarism needs to be understood, accepted and promulgated, without denying the Christian cultural roots and the spiritual and cultural identity of the EU. It is a false dichotomy to pit Christianity against multiculturalism and resurrect the Holy Roman Empire and the regrettable religious wars of Europe. Unfortunately Angela Merkel, despite the practice of her Lutheranism, has betrayed the very spirit of the EU founding fathers as soon as she proclaimed that multi-culturalism will not work in Europe; for if multiculturalism does not work, then the European Union will not work either because Christianity will then come to be seen as an ideological imposition and a divisive centrifugal force by all the non-Christians and non-believers of Europe. At the point we will have no alternative but to go back to rabid xenophobic nationalism, or Communism or Fascism, the very phenomena the founding fathers had hoped to transcend. The only hope for the survival of a union that continues to refuses to acknowledge its Christian cultural roots is that the tied to the retrieval of the of the genuine reasonable vision of the EU founding fathers. There is so far little evidence that such a retrieval is on its way; in fact the rejection of multiculturalism hints at the opposite phenomena: the regrettable dissolution of an economic and the political union built on a weak foundation. But one need not despair, for hope springs eternal. As Ignazio Silone put it is a conspiracy of hope that will save us and the roots of that hope are not in rugged selfish individualism but in the common good and in solidarity.

Emanuel Paparella2011-07-17 12:51:51
P.S. It may be worth mentioning here that before Ovi I contributed various articles to Newropeans magazine which I saw as an attempt to make the EU more democratic and less xenophobic. That was until I began to suspect that their secular vision included a bias toward religion which they considered a mere private affair to be kept in Churhc for an hour on Sunday and to be excluded from the public agora. At that point I switched to Ovi which seemed to me and still seems to me a more open-minded and tolerant magazine welcoming all opinions and encouraging their debate. In that sense Ovi is a better magazine than Newropeans.

Thanos2011-07-17 23:04:42
Thank you very much Dr. Paparella; it is a personal believe that Europe needs all of us to get to the future - however utopian might look today - the forefathers of Europe dreamt and the critical moments for the future of the Union we live now leave absolutely no excuse for intolerance. Plus democracy demands dialogue and Europe is the blueprint for democracy.

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