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Bolted to the page
by Thanos Kalamidas
Issue 3
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Mary Shelley
Signet Classic paperback, 2000
In 1816, the poet Percy Shelley and his wife Mary were enjoying a Swiss holiday with a group of friends, including Lord Byron, when the group decided to tell ghost stories to one another. Nothing particularly memorable came from the efforts of the rest of the group, except that Shelley’s wife was unable to think of one. That same night she had a dream, put it to paper and Mary Shelley, aged 18, had given birth to the tale of Frankenstein.

Her characterization of Dr. Victor Frankenstein is a portrait of all those scientists who don’t have any ethics when it comes to the success of their experimentations or theories. Victor’s Creature represents all those victims who have to live with the effects. This surprisingly modern tale would come to be called Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus.

Frankenstein later became books, cartoons and comics, films, parodies, examples, comedies, t-shirts, computer games, and, in the -90s, Robert de Niro played the Creature in another film version. Most importantly, Frankenstein is the first science-fiction novel for the friend of this kind of literature.

However, even if you have seen the film, do read the book. This classic drama contains all the twists and turns an Ancient Greek drama can give you.

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