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Smurfs and sidewalk chalk Smurfs and sidewalk chalk
by John Pederson
Issue 5
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Grass stains and soccer cleats

Kickball, hotbox, night games fill summer weeks


Sidewalk chalk, gardener snakes

In at 9 and don’t be late


It’s almost dark as we run back

The yard still coved with ball and bat


 Strip down, mom orders, you’re coved in dirt

Wash your hands and give me that shirt


 Up to the bath, take out the toys

One of a dolphin that makes a flipping noise


Dessert is ice cream, three big scoops

Hershey’s sauce, butterscotch chips, swirled into a chocolate mousse


 Up to bed, climb the ladder

Say your prayers and stop the chatter


Sprinkler sounds, dogs bark

A smurf night light to chase away the dark

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