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Strauss-Kahn and E.T.
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-07-03 09:34:32
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So now we know, JFK was murdered by aliens, Elvis is still alive and we are all coming from Alpha Century. Oh by the way, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was innocent and everything was just a misunderstanding. And yes I might sound weird but please tell me, what’s the logical explanation for what happened with the former IMF chief. The American justice failed or the American justice succeeded. And would Dominique Strauss-Kahn would have this treatment if he was guilty or innocent?

The former IMF chief was arrested with accusations of rape. Rape doesn’t matter if it was a call-girl or a house wife in my book at least is a very serious accusation. So Strauss-Kahn was arrested while trying to flee in the airport and for that he was pilloried from the media, due to the IMF’s reputation from people all around the world and his possible candidacy for the French Presidency from friends and foes. Everybody reacted to his name like he had the most infective illness; his name was enough to bring shivers to political offices all around the world.

But then he was pilloried because of his celebrity status? And he’s not a Hollywood star; he’s something much higher in a global economy. According to some he was the man who decided which government could survive and which not. The man was literally patronizing prime ministers and presidents and he was talking casually with president Obama and Col. Kaddafi without any second thoughts. And yes things were showing the last few months that Sarkozy was most likely losing his seat from Dominique.

But then again what made the American prosecutors to search for the “truth” deeper and find out that there were doubts according the rape case and that the maid might, emphasized this might was involved in a conspiracy to either blackmail or destroy Strauss-Kahn’s reputation. Was it his celebrity status again and his role as a player into the international financial games?

Or simply in a very high profile case we all had the chance to see how the American justice system works were money talks and the worst possible crime can be dismissed in an out-of-the –court deal? Similar case have enriched for decades Hollywood’s imagination and most of the televised dramas that include court cases have long references to this kind of deals. Amazingly these kinds of deals are not publicized and we will never find out the truth even if that means that Strauss-Kahn was really innocent – if he is guilty. Just like Michael Jackson’s case were half of the people guarantee his innocence for all the accusations that followed him for decades while the other half has convicted to hell.

And of course this minute Dominique Strauss-Kahn is calling home saying “ET go home” and the rest of us will remain looking at the stars and starting suspecting that aliens might have killed JFK and the man with the long sideburns we saw the other day, might be …Elvis!

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