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Marilyn Monroe marries Arthur Miller Marilyn Monroe marries Arthur Miller
by The Ovi Team
2020-06-29 08:18:57
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mary001_400June 29th 1956; Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller were married. They were divorced on January 20, 1961. And according the newspapers at the time: Marilyn Monroe, film actress, and Arthur Miller, playwright, slipped quietly into the Westchester County Courthouse here tonight and were married by a city judge. Miss Monroe wore a sweater and a skirt and no hat. Mr. Miller wore a blue suite and a white shirt but no tie. The screen star, who is 30 years old, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning dramatist, who is 40, were married at 7:21 P.M. by Judge Seymour Robinowitz in a ceremony that lasted less than five minutes. Mr. and Mrs. Miller then got into their sports car and disappeared into traffic.

This was Miss Monroe's third marriage and Mr. Miller's second. Only a few persons attended the wedding. The first news of it came from the New York public relations firm for Marilyn Monroe Productions. Attendants for the Millers were the playwright's cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Morton A. Miller of Roxbury, Conn. Also present at the single-ring ceremony were the judge's wife, Mrs. Robinowitz; Milton Green, a business associate of Miss Monroe, who took pictures of the service; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Slavitt and their son, David, of White Plains; and a man who was not immediately identified. Mr. Slavitt, who is Mr. Miller's attorney, had obtained earlier in the day a waiver of the twenty-four-hour waiting period required between getting a marriage license and the ceremony.

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