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Terrified, not indignant yet
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-06-23 08:04:18
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While the Greek parliament meeting to decide over the extra measures and the European union is watching outside in the streets and squares of Athens the movement of the “indignant” continues for another day demonstrating and demanding from the politicians to act. From the very beginning of the movement in Spain and not in Greece I had the feeling that the name “indignant” didn’t really represented these people. The people of Greece, the people of Spain, the people of Portugal and soon the people of Italy, France and Britain are not indignant but terrified.

They are terrified to see decisions taken for their future, for their children’s’ future without them, forced to them ignoring their wishes and most importantly their needs. And I’m afraid that the day these terrified people will turn into indignant is not very far but that day they will not be peaceful crowds but a raving mob and the politicians will not be able to hide behind the dark windows of their cars but they will be endangering a lynch.

The same time inside the parliament the Greek MPs for one more time leading the opposition leader excuse not only terror but the worst nightmares of the people outside. Covered behind the cliental relationship they have created for decades with their voters they do nothing more than shout slogans hoping that the people outside will cheer. The leader of the main opposition, Mr. Antonis Samaras is an old fashion politician despite the young of his age. A traditional conservative obviously allergic to any kind of change, comfortable with the cliental attitude of the Greek politics and blinded of his wish for the Prime Minister’s seat.

The Greek parliament was talking about the financial situation and thousands of people were demonstrating outside for the new economic measures and the opposition leader was talking about immigration, a populist escape knowing that the second problem for the Greeks and the Europeans after the economics is the immigration.

Last week the Greek Prime Minister offered to the opposition the chance of a unity government including all the parties including his resignation and the opposition leader rejected the offer using a PR excuse and a few hours ago through the talk for the confidence vote to the new government the conservative party left the room reminding one more time an old saying that says: everything changes and everything remains the same. The government gets the confident vote continuing to serve the bankers and the industrialists, the Soros of this world - willingly or not that's what they are doing - ignoring the real needs of the people for their ...own good. And then the 'indignant' outside the parliament feel the anger but at the moment they are terrified. They have no idea who is right and who is wrong and they are led to believe in conspiracy theories where global monsters green of envy for their ancient achievements want to eat them. They are like forest animals trapped in the fire, terrified. But be afraid for the day desperation will make the terrified indignant, I’m afraid the streets and the squares will not be enough to hold them.

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