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Georgia Broadwick Georgia Broadwick
by The Ovi Team
2022-04-21 06:47:10
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para001April 21st 1913; Georgia Broadwick became the first woman to jump from an airplane. Georgia Broadwick was nicknamed Tiny because she weighted 85 pounds and was only four feet tall. Tiny made her first jump in 1908 at age 15. "I was never afraid. I'd go up any time, any place. The only thing I hated was getting back to earth so quickly." she said.

Most of Tiny's jumps were with aerial barnstorming shows. Tiny was billed as "The Doll Girl", a name she hated with a passion. Tiny wore a silk dress and ruffled bloomers while jumping. Tiny broke bones, dislocated a shoulder, landed in swamps, was dragged by her parachute and leapt from a burning balloon with barely enough altitude to open her parachute. She kept great enthusiasm no matter what the adventure.

In the early barnstorming days, jumpers sat on a trapeze type swing attached to flat circular silk parachutes. You literally were at the mercy of the wind. Her perspective was: "If you landed in a tree you were all right- but if you landed on a rooftop and rolled off, you were hurting." Tiny was the first woman to make a jump from an aircraft on June 21, 1913. Glenn L Martin flew her up to 2000 feet above Griffith Park in Los Angeles, CA. Later she was the first woman to make a jump from a hydro aeroplane and first woman to make a water jump from an airplane.

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