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Is the sofa comfortable Timo?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-06-19 09:20:15
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Well Timo, is so much comfortable in the opposition, isn’t it? You just have to lie down and watch the rest of them from your television screen and then between your makara bites and beer gulping you can shout about the forgotten pensioners and defence. Wow man! Hey Timo don’t forget to return the money your party takes from EU since no EU flag flies at the True Finns congress in Tampere. What? You don’t take any money from EU? I think you better ask the finance ministry when they gave you money for your campaign and not forget your offices and parliamentarians in the Strasburg.

What a celebration in this congress in Tampere. All members intoxicated with the victory, self-satisfying their egos – I never been prejudice with ones’ choices for pleasure – hooraying the master mind that took them out of the shadows and brought them into mainstream politics.

Drooling beer Timo also had some comments about his party; he wants more women in the leadership! Wow Timo, I dint know that you are a feminist! But I suppose women are more obedient to the leader, the True Finn feminism! In the mean time he had time to make comments about the participation of the Left-Alliance in the new conservative-led government. Timo is sure that conservatives and Social-Democrats are one and the same thing.

Well Timo, isn’t it easy shouting from the sofa? No more taxes for the poor, take them from the rich! No raise to the petrol taxes, no raise to art funding! Did I miss something? Oh, I’m sorry Timo, you never said no fund for the tax, you said no funding art that is not focus into promoting the fatherland. Finnland über alles is not for this case, is it?

By the way Timo is this going to be the way you are going to spent the next four years? Lying down and shouting no, no, no? And I suppose this will bring you votes, isn’t it? Because it is so easy to couch a team from the sofa and say what you would have done if you were the Prime Minister for a day while your only obligation is to swallow another makara! When things are not so simple Timo, are they? By the way did you tell your comrades what really happened during the negotiations or you just mentioned that you couldn’t agree with the bailout platform and they hoorayed your devotion to your principals. Did you tell them that in other issues you were ready to sell your soul to the devil for a ministerial job but it just …gone too far and you got afraid that selling your soul would cost you your 19.1% in the future?

Is easy to watch the games from the outside Timo. A few years ago I was watching a football game with the Finnish national team been one of the two teams playing. Unfortunately the game finished with the Finnish team on the loss side and when we went later for a drink every single Finn in the company had an opinion on what the coach did wrong and furthermore what they would have done if they were the coach. It’s exactly the same Timo, isn’t it? I know this is the wrong thing to hear but in Greece we have a saying for people like you, when you are not part of the dance you can sing as many songs you like. For your case we have a whole series of sayings but I’m sure you will give me the chance to remembered all in the future like you have done in the past.

At the moment enjoy the privilege of the sofa, the makara and please be careful with your beer, don’t dirty the new sofa with all this sisu, the EU has paid for it!

* Makara = Finnish sausage

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Maaike2011-06-19 11:44:45
Hear, hear, Thanos! Hear, hear ;)

Suomi on nettomaksaja2011-07-01 14:52:27

a Finn2011-07-17 15:47:52
At the moment enjoy the priviledge of a tax-free house, your gyros pita and please be careful with your retsina, don't dirty your beautiful little islands since Finland has paid for them and now owns your debt :)

Thanos2011-07-20 18:51:22
Dear Finn hasn't your True Finn mummy taught you not to speak with your mouth full of s#it?

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