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Lord of the wrongs Lord of the wrongs
by Alex Cross
Issue 2
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It was hard for me to review this movie without comparing almost every detail to the newer pictures directed by Peter Jackson but determined to at least keep an open mind and try to push the newer ones out of mind, I did watch it. And it was painful to say the least.

The idea of the story, base on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings is a great one. An award winning storyline if there was one. So where did it go wrong? My first nit to pick is the animation itself. It seems rushed and un-heartfelt, like the artist had no interest in what they were actually creating. To make that worse, the whole movie was not entirely animated, some characters are portrayed by real people semi-animated which gives it an even more rushed and dismissed approach.

A lot of the dialog is taken straight from the book which works well throughout the film. The voices are not too badly done although perhaps some more thought could have been put into it. The background music was appalling, bringing with it no sense of emotion what so ever. Only the occasional wincing when an out of place or badly mixed shriek comes at you like a knife from the dark.

But still, the movie is part of a legend and was so before the newer movies were even made. An absolute cult classic in many circles, it is worth watching if only to make you appreciate the book even more! Usually found in bargain bins for a round ten euros, if there’s money burning a hole in your pocket, it could be worse spent. That’s why I have it on my DVD shelf too!

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