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The Greek misery vows
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-06-17 07:30:25
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The Greek prime minister, Georgios Papandreou vows to stay and fight on amid party revolt and reactions in the socialist parliament members; but if Mr. Papandreou thinks that his problem is the party revolt he has lost the point. His problem is in every single Greek house and he’s not alone who deals with it. The Greek opposition is dealing exactly with the same problems actually the whole Greek political system is in crisis. And yesterday they all had a good chance to show to the Greek people - and perhaps the international community - that they are there to serve the people and not their personal or party agendas ...and they failed.

They failed because they own their existence and survival to a failing system, a system partly responsible for all that happens this minute in Greece. Partly because despite any persecution mania or conspiracy theories the crisis that was building up for decades exploded when the European Union and especially the euro were going to face their worst crisis since its foundations. But since we are talking about foundations lets go to the Euro foundations. Of course the Greek crisis has its corruption side and it is a very dark and very bad side but this was not news for the Eurogroup when they decided to invite Greece to join the euro-zone. And the leaders of the euro-zone knew very well that the economic facts Greece presented to justify her entrance in the euro-zone were accounting fabricates.

But Greece was neither the first nor the last one that had fabricated the economic facts. Italy and France were the first ones to show the way to fabricate facts. And it was the Greek then opposition that flagged the forgery in their campaign and it was the opposition that became government at 2004 that did absolutely nothing about it. And the European Union knows all about it that’s why they’ve been warning for the piling Greek debt since 2002 and it is the very same EU that put under superintendence the Greek stats and the Greek financial ministries since 2004.

So they all knew and they all have their responsibilities but the Euro had to come out and it had to expand to more than just four or five countries that’s why the political decision for Greece to join, for Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy and later Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus and Estonia. And from the first group three countries have already a problem with two more following soon and I doubt if there is anybody out there who doesn’t believe that Estonia and Slovenia are not far into joining them; especially Estonia. Why you think the Swedes refused to join? It was not only because they love their Krona so much more than the Greeks loved their drachma or the Germans their mark, but mainly because their Krona was NOT depending on the dollar and they wanted first to see how it will work the Euro and then join.

The Germans, on the other side felt that the time to obtainment their independence was here despite warnings and cost. And here we are! And now it is time to pay. The Germans in this case proved over-optimistic having behind them the German mark unification and forgetting that it wouldn’t have succeeded if they didn’t have the help of the American banks and the accounting tricks this moment accuse Athens for using; they thought arrogantly that it was all their achievement and they could do the same thing with the Euro! Well, they didn’t! Actually they screwed up big. But the problem is not that the Germans screwed up big, that the union failed politically or that the Greek politicians care more for their seat than the country but that the people were screwed and in this case it is not only the Greek people but all the Europeans.

The Greek politicians a few hours ago had a golden chance to change everything, what they had to do was to present a united front and stand, they wouldn’t be alone, they would have ten million people in Greece and nobody knows how many more in Portugal, in Ireland, in Spain and Italy behind them. You see despite all said the bailout problem is not only Greek problem anymore but European and it is the Europeans’ problem meaning the millions of the European citizens. And they failed not only because the system that elected them controls their political survival but because the very same system controls their decisions, actions and reactions. They have become predictable.

As far the measures and the bailout I’m afraid the Greek bankruptcy is another predictable issue and they are destined to fail. That’s based on the fact that the profits from the insured bonds are multiple and straightway compared to the profits from the slow interests of the very same bonds, and in this case …money counts! In the mean time the Greek people vow but the politicians don’t hear until the yogurts they throw become rocks! 

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