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When the true sisu proved to be common cowardice
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-06-11 11:21:42
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Last week I wrote an article about the political situation in Finland after the last national elections and the suspicious role of the Trued Finns in the negotiations to form a government with their in and outs from the talks. A week after the leader of the centre party, Keskusta, Ms Mari Kiviniemi criticized the situations calling the whole thing as a farce.

Going one step further Ms Kiviniemi said that the one day in the other day out of the True Finns shows their fear to take any responsibility in front the necessary serious decisions the new Finnish government has to take internally or EU related having in mind all the things the True Finns manifested against the EU before elections. Of course covered behind the Greek and the Portuguese bailout the True Finns leadership and Timo Soini answered that the EU policies which has been pursued in Finland played the decisive role for their attitude. I presume the other reason is that there are still some foreigners breathing Finnish air in Helsinki but we never mention that especially after the party’s declaration condemning racism. So I presume the farce is not in the negotiations but in the party that holds this minute the 19.1% of the Finnish parliament with 39 seats.

And as I pointed in my last week’s article time works for the Finns and it is true that the Finnish government even this temporary one, has to take critical decisions, internal and regarding the EU policy as a member state and as a whole. Decisions that demand not necessarily the agreement of the full parliament but definitely a conversation that can help the decisions. After all the role of the opposition is critical in all democratic states not to oppose the government but to help the government to take the right decisions even with its opposition.

But the True Finns are absent even as opposition. Opposition means participation and the True Finns are just standing there waiting to see what the other will do and then add their populisms; no more tax for the poor, take from the rich! No bailout for Greece and Portugal but yes to all the subsidies coming from Greece and Portugal.

The True Finns are flagging their bravery and courage – sisu in Finnish – but the last few weeks, and apparently that’s what Ms Kiviniemi missed, they are nothing more than common cowards ducking any kind of responsibility. But to be a coward it is one thing and in times of great risk and global recession in many levels and not only economic, to be this short of coward can also be proven dangerous.

The constant stalling the True Finns are doing perhaps worked for them for the first part and it definitely gave them some advance in the talks; – don’t forget their increasing percent among the voters according to the latest surveys – but with the Keskusta being the first and most likely others following this stalling might turn into their nemesis when the mask of “honouring principals” falls and the face of the coward unveils.

The Finnish media call the whole negotiation the “six pack government talks formula” but I’m afraid it had turned to be the government talks with the “six pack” partner!

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