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Since when democracy became F16s' job?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-05-24 10:06:25
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It must have been a few weeks when I wrote about the hopes that the F16s created. Suddenly from Syria to Bahrain people started rebelling asking back their dignity and hoping that the F16s on their way back from Libya will go from their countries and short out the local dictators. The F16s never turned their way and tens or hundred of dead demonstrators left in the middle of the streets of Manama or Damascus. The saddest part of this is that the demonstrations and the dead bodies don’t even make headlines anymore; Strauss-Kahn’s sex scandal and the conspiracy theories about the former head of the IMF selling far more.

Every morning when I check my mail I find tens of mails from private mail addresses from Saudi Arabia, from Bahrain, Syria, Libya, Lebanon and other mainly middle east places desperately asking for help or at least their voice to be heard. All of them talk about ruthless and corrupted regimes; all of them talk about murders and tortures. All of them demand democracy or at least their chance into living free and all of them while blaming Europe and America for their conditions – since in most cases according the writers, Europe and America have special economic interests in the region – all of them demand the active help from the Europeans and the Americans but oddly they ask this help to come in the form of F16s and heavy armed marines.

But how many times the last two decades the F16s tried to enforce peace and democracy and how many of those times “mission accomplished”? And most importantly, what really motivated the F16s in their peace mission? Weeks after the first bombardment in Libya, Kaddafi is still there and people are still murdered from his regime. But people were murdered all these years Kaddafi’s regime ruled Libya and the truth with these regimes is that we have no idea of the actual numbers; we never had and this is known fact for decades. Still it is just months ago Kaddafi was photographed holding hands with Sarkozy, with Berlusconi even Obama. So what motivated the F16s and the Mirage to bomb Libya one morning? Is it the very same thing that will never let the very same F16s and Mirage to bomb Damascus? Are they the same reasons that split the west when it came to Iraq and the very same that united them two decades before in exactly the same region?

Actually when did we leave peace in the wings of the F16s and since when democracy became part of the marine corps mission? And when this happened in the people’s conscious?

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