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When Dominique accidentally raped Europe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-05-19 08:53:27
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There is one thing with my compatriots that I definitely admire and it is their humour; and even under the worst circumstances they can exhibit the most hilarious self-sarcasm. So the last few days the joke that circulates the streets of Athens is that nowadays it is easier to rape – I have to admit that they use a slightly different word – ten million Greeks than a maid in New York. And of course the joke refers to the much publicized case of International Monetary Fund (IMF) head Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

But Greece’s, Ireland’s and Portugal’s rape was premeditated; the European Union’s rape is the bonus for the almighty International Monetary Fund and in this case I will make for the first time in my life the embarrassing exception to admit that the victim was asking for it! Regarding the French boss of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn, my position is exactly the same with the one I express a few months ago with the similar case of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, if he’s found guilty he must be punished with the higher of the penalties. If found guilty people like them should make an example even with their punishments and the states are obliged to exercise their higher sentences.

Unfortunately similar laws don’t apply to IMF and the organization freely rapes nations for decades. And luck brought Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn to complete the act in a New York hotel. You see the moment Euro is strangling in its deepest crisis a European in the highest seat of the IMF and presidential candidate for the next French presidential elections was convenient even if that is another European illusion to avoid reality. And the reality is that the euro-crisis is only the peak of the iceberg. The rise of the nationalists and euro-sceptics all around Europe is the failure of a solid, clear and united internal policy but obviously nobody bothered to notice after the failure of the European continuation. The uncontrollable immigration from Africa, Middle East and Asia is the failure of every euro-defence plan since the Europeans replaced the euro-force with NATO and followed the Americans in Afghanistan, Iraq and other missions to civilize the undemocratic barbarians instead of guarding the European boarders.

The common foreign policy died before even started and Solana couldn’t even bother to read the eulogy that was not even written from him but from his bosses. And if you are looking for his bosses look in the other side of the Atlantic, he shared the same bosses with Barroso. Barroso, the past, the present and the future president of the union; a former Marxist with the dream to become an American marine. The man who shared Europe in east and west in the beginning, old and new later, north and south nowadays, pings and hyenas in the future. The man who created the Europe of the bankers sacrificing the Europe of the people.

These are the people that laid the red carpet for the IMF of the bankers and the industrialists; these are the people who led the continent in a recession, that made sure that the bankers and industrialists will never lose their bonuses and their shares in the stock market and these are the people who stole from the European workers all the rights they earned through centuries battles, blood and sweat. Despite arguments and behind the curtains talks Dominique Strauss-Kahn is over and there is a very big chance that the new boss of the IMF will not be European and he or she will not give a damn about his or hers personal future in the European political scene to keep a soft attitude towards the European leadership’s inability and this is the part when the European leaders will even envy the New Yorker maid.

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Emanuel Paparella2011-05-19 12:17:30
The above is quite a sad commentary on the EU predicaments in the hands of Lilliputian politicians with no vision and no sense of history. Indeed, since the French Revolution we are all equals but of course Napoleon is more equal than anybody else and can pretty much do what he wishes when he wishes with maids and queens and nations. The historical lesson there is quite clear: if one proclaims ideals in theory but then breaches them in practice, on invites a reaction from the reactionaries on the right and they eventually win out and restore law and order and legitimate power, without justice. Not that dire prophetic warnings have been lacking. One comes from Jefferson who bluntley stated in one of his writings that those who privilege economic considerations over freedom (the unions of banks and bankers) deserve to lose both. He was warning the people of the US against bankers and special interests; those who are more equal than others. The other came from John Paul II who warned the EU parliament that to built a Europe with amnesia about its religious heritage is to build on sand and to deprive oneself of the cultural cement needed to defeat centrifugal forces and keep the union together. It would appear at this point that the arrogant bankers in alliance with myopic politicans have won out while the people are offered soccer games on Sunday. Eventually the games in the Colosseum are over and the whole structure built on sand comes crashing down. What did a wise man in Palestine say? Le those who have ears hear.

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