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Argentinean Peanuts Argentinean Peanuts
by Thanos Kalamidas
Issue 3
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You are missing a great time if you haven’t read any of Quino’s comic books and if you have never heard of Mafalda you are committing a crime. Mafalda is a little girl and has been a little girl for the last 40 years in a comic strip by the Spanish-born Argentinean Quino.

Mafalda is a little girl with sarcasm, humour and tenderness, plus she’s dreaming to be the next Secretary of the UN. She’s a feminist who cannot spell the word, an older sister and the nightmare to her father when she has questions about sex.

Mafalda is critical in her childish naivety for the dictatorships in South America and cynical about Europe. Mafalda is a must-read and nowadays you can find her in nearly every language.

I can write pages about her humour and the clever drawings of Quino, but I’m not going to waste your time. Just go and get a copy and you will understand what I mean.

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