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Pakistani Bin reality
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-05-10 09:07:36
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I didn’t write anything about the end of Osama Bin laden because there has been so much everywhere there was no reason for another one. Newspapers and magazines even sports and lifestyle magazines have covered every single aspect of the whats and whys and of course thousands of photos and illustrations have cover covers and millions of pages all around the world. And by now even al-Qaeda has admitted his death and the usual conspiracy theorists remain looking for UFOs, Elvis and Bin Laden.

But from the very beginning of this act there was a huge question mark shadowing everything and it had to do with Pakistan’s role in the whole thing one way or another. Was Pakistan really so foolishly ignorant of the number one most wanted person on earth in its soil or they knew everything and for a good reason they kept the information as a secret for further exploitation and use? And it is not any kind of conspiracy theory that leads to this conclusion but Pakistan and its contemporary reality itself that leads there. It is that feeling that the relationship between the Pakistani security services and the Pakistani government is far more complicated than what it looks like and that the Pakistani secret services – and in extent part of the Pakistani army – woks independently from the central government or better with a different agenda.

The Pakistani army and the Pakistani security services alike their Turkish confreres are the deep state governing or trying to govern through byzantine conspiracies and definitely controlling those elements that identify the state and its control on the power through fear, spying and informing. Living constantly under persecution mania they find enemies everywhere and if can’t find them they create them. It was one thing pushing Musharraf – the last dictator of Pakistan – out of governing and another thing pushing the Pakistani security services and the army out of power. And they failed to do so.

I want to believe that the new Pakistani government – the one after Musharraf – is democratic and it does the best in its ability to reform the country and bring Pakistan out of the nightmares of the past and Asif Ali Zardari carrying the legacy of his late wife legendary Benazir Bhutto has the best intentions to reform the country and with the people that surround him he aims to bring the country out of a long tunnel but how free he is to do so and how much control he has beyond the presidential palace walls? Even Musharraf himself had problems into controlling the security services and the truth is that he was forced into retirement not because he had to deal with the people’s opposition after the assassination of Bhutto but because the army wanted him out under the fear that more and more especially in the name of the war against terrorism started interfere with the country.

Over a year ago in an article I wrote that the Pakistani secret services and the army in their general effect to become a local superpower – having always this emulation with India – were always ready to ally anybody, even with the devil as long this would help them succeed and the last two decades the devil in the area has been the Taliban. After one point they were swallowed into the carousel where al-Qaeda had a major role and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were talking and negotiating with Bin Laden himself trying to put a hand into Afghanistan. The Pakistanis tried to make the dragon pet and as we saw the last few days the dragon beaten them. Most likely the road the Pakistanis followed with the Taliban is long and dirty enough for Bin Laden to keep them in safe distance and same time control the information. The last five years the most wanted criminal globally was living openly – living in a million dollars mansion near the capital is not exactly hinting – and nobody was touching him or saying anything.

At least for me what happened with bin Laden a few days ago was not the end of an international terrorist but the projection of Pakistan’s real face and the necessity for something to change in this country hoping that Zardari can be part of this change – the people are the other and perhaps the bigger part – for the good of the people before we see Pakistan becoming Afghanistan.

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