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European plan B, the True Finns
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-05-09 09:29:22
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Reading that the True Finns are not going to support the European bailout plans in the Finnish parliamentary voting made me think of the strange domino effect and the convenience of the timing trying hard to avoid conspiracy theories. The truth is that most of the European states, especially the euro-zone states were sceptical about the act and the only reason that kept them together was the feeling of unity that they want to export and nothing else. And I’m really careful when I’m talking about a feeling that they wanted to export and not a solidarity act under the fear of a financial doom domino effect.

The True Finns didn’t say anything more or different to what the socialist and the social-democrat say all around the euro-zone and definitely not forgetting the conservative parties. The bailout is not going to help the Greek or the Portuguese people but they are going to pay the banks for the politicians’ screw-up. But with the acting and in sequence defining the general attitude of the Finnish government freed the German government for example from her obligation to stand and help the Greek and the Portuguese governments. And Chancellor Merkel was dispirited to find a way out of this trap that was fast leading her in an embarrassing loss for the next German national elections. And the same comes to most of the European states especially the powerful ones like France, UK, Italy or Holland.

The rejection of the mechanism for the bailout will have the same outcome like the failure and rejection of the European constitution a few years ago. Fist it will be a postponing of all decisions and then all of them will look numb each other waiting for a miracle to happen from somewhere without any plan and idea of what to do. You see there is no plan B; like there was no plan B to whatever this Union has done or decides the last twenty years. Is just a constant lapse to a swamp of lost hopes for a United Europe and nowadays even the idea of a federal Europe looks like a lost myth like the ones with the fairies. 

It is unfair to isolate the financial failure of the European Union from whatever else happens in this Union the last two decades and had come to its peak the last decade from the foreign policy to the immigration and defence. The Union’s leadership has failed in its basic obligations to protect its own citizens from every external or internal enemy that acts against the stability of the Union. In every single issue they acted like “it is, my way or the highway” where the highway was one more step closer to the end. There is not a single issue where the European leadership has present at least a plan B or an exit door, a safe net.

So coming to the bailout plans instead of a plan B you get the True Finns and another prove of the hypocrisy that rules today’s European Union. You see this is now another thought. The first time it was coincidence, the second might has been an accident the third stupidity bit the forth it is a well designed plan to paralyze and destroy the European Unity. And now everybody understands why and how Herman Van Rompuy found his way to the European presidency and why Barroso who started all the work is still there just a bit further back and behind the curtains so we don’t see his name so often mentioned in the news anymore. What an end for Robert Schuman’s dream!

The True Finns have some more news for Europe in the their sleeve and unfortunately since they are there with their comrades around Europe they will become the rod that will turn the Europe of the Europeans to the Europe of the markets fulfilling after all these years Margaret Thatcher’s dreams and visions. As far Finland, there are no worries; the Nazi party is coming with blue swastikas since the national security bureau after the foreign ministry agrees that there is nothing wrong, fascist and racist with a party with this name, with these symbols, with a leader who wants to be called fuhrer and manifesting that since Finland is a white country from the snow her inhabitants must be also white!

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Emanuel Paparella2011-05-09 13:48:03
Indeed Thanos, the blue swastika may well turn Schuman’s dream into a dark nightmare. Are we to be surprised? Schuman’s dream was underpinned not only by an economic union but by a cultural union which unfortunately has been neglected. The symbol of that neglect is the refusal to even mention in the EU Constitution (the so called treaty of Lisbon) that Christianity for better or for worse is integral part of the EU cultural identity. French secularism (laicitè) dictates that all voices be admitted in the public square, except that of religion and religious freedom; that is to say, all religions are excluded except one, that of the Jacobin’s French Revolution which has become a tenet of secular faith. The prohibition of the cross from public places is symbolical of such political intolerance which increases by the day. Having excluded Christianity, all the more we now have to exclude Islam whose population in Europe is the only one having children while the general European population ages dramatically. If Jung has taught us nothing else, it is that symbols matter and affect our individual and collective lives (see his Modern Man in Search of his Soul).

What follows may sound like a Cassandran prophecy of doom and no doubt it will be debunked but it needs to be said nevertheless, when it can still be averted: we are fast approaching the time in the West when a stark choice will have to be made, even by atheists and people of no faith, and it is this: as Westerners, either we acknowledge our historical cultural patrimony which is Christianity as symbolized by the cross a (that cross now banned in most European schools since it has become meaningless), or by default we will have to choose another cross: the crooked one symbolized by the swastika. It will not matter that it has the color of heaven rather than that of hell; it is still a swastika and all it symbolizes. Jung had it on target: man needs symbols and if he throws one out the window it will come back from the back door in a distorted crooked way, he makes symbols, but the opposite is also true: symbols make man. The Kierkegaardian existential dread remains however: man needs to choose his destiny; he has no choice but choose. Meanwhile Schuman, who may eventually be declared a saint of the Church, may be turning in his grave.

Emanuel Paparella2011-05-09 13:52:24
P.S. It is perhaps worth mentioning here that it was Schuman who said "I never feel so European as when I enter a cathedral." Food for thought.

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