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Regards to a Generation in Movement: May Portugal Become a Role Model for the World
by Leila Dregger
2011-05-05 09:22:19
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portugal_revolutionstag2011042510038_400We send greetings to Portugal and its young awakening generation. The day of 25th April reminds us of Portugal's revolutionary power: It was 37 years ago, when the country shook off a decade-long dictatorship within a few days and put an end to centuries of colonial rule. Now Portugal itself is supposed to become a colony, a colony of the EU. This does not correspond to the power of this country.

Remember: Your ancestors once walked through this land. They lived a culture of peace, knowledge and cooperation with all living beings. We still find their signs and stone settings. Their power and love is alive even today, but it is sleeping. Let us awake it by recalling it.

Portugal does not need the bailout from the EU. Portugal is not only able to save itself economically, but in the moment of crisis it could even become a model case: A model for decentralized autonomy, richness and self-determination. A model for countries and regions in a similar situation through which they could learn to take their fate back into their own hands again.

A key word for this is self-sufficiency: Self-sufficiency is the strength of decentralized systems to reject an external claim to power. Energy, water and food are freely available for all of humankind in abundance, if we manage the natural resources of our earth wisely. Nobody on earth has to suffer from deprivation, starvation or cold once we regain knowledge.

portugal_revolutionstag2011042510043_400The following four basic areas of life must be healed: energy, water, nutrition and – love. These four sources of life must be liberated from the dark powers which have destroyed them (energy companies, dictatorships, churches and so on). This is not a private, and not a local fight. It is a global fight. It is a fight between the global powers of life and the global powers of destruction. If life wins, there will be no losers. The crisis is an opportunity. Those who stand against despotism today – in Portugal, London, Tripolis, Cairo, Latin America, China or Tibet – could witness a completely changed world tomorrow.

We see a new generation of pilgrims from all countries travelling across the earth. They are no longer bound to nation, language, race, culture or religion, nor to wealth or possessions. They help in crisis areas, visit sacred sites, meet at campfires and in hostels, share their bread and develop a new quality of community. A new global citizenship is developing beyond all institutions. A new form of positive 'globalisation'. This process is supported by the development of new centres which slowly spread across the earth. We call them 'healing biotopes' or 'peace-villages'. They serve for the pilgrims as shelter, study centre and workplace. Real research work is done here on the technological, ecological, social, spiritual and intellectual basics of a non-violent world society.
Let us work together for the model Portugal!

The Global Campus in Tamera, Portugal

P.S. The thoughts of this message are taken from the new “TAMERA MANIFESTO FÜR A NEW GENERATION ON PLANET EARTH”. Read the complete text here: http://tamera.org/manifesto

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