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The lumpen side of a True Negotiation
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-05-02 09:38:01
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While the conservatives of the Kokoomus, the Social-Democrats and the True Finns negotiate for the future government a new reality hits the Finnish parliament, the reality of the absolute populism and uncontrolled and dangerous stupidity. The truth is that Timo Soini, the leader of the True Finns had had a taste and the right warnings for what was coming the last two weeks before the elections just in case… And after celebrations ceased and the doors closed behind the meeting rooms Timo Soini found out that foreign policy and domestic issues is not something so simple.

Actually in his case is a choice between participating to a government – for the “best of the nation” of course – or stick with what he said only a few days ago and face the government from the opposition benches. That would be called dignity but contemporary politics and dignity don’t mix lately and in Finland the Green party has already given the example a few years ago partnering with a government that fully supported the creation of more nuclear power plans in an era when all the countries talk about alternative energy resources.

So the last few days Timo Soini “realized” that perhaps it is for the best interests of the country to support the Portuguese bailout and that probably been so negative about the European Union is not so good idea. After all a big part of his party future funding – and gigantic as it is under the new situation – will come from the Union. And then it is these damn subsidies that now came in front of him in the form of real numbers. And yes we don’t want to support this and that but when it is not our money but from this devilish EU then we can soften a bit and negotiate more.

Parenthetically I have serious problems negotiating with this …negotiation. In theory the distance that separates these parties is gigantic and NOT negotiable. A party that bases its existence in free economy with a party that is foundation lay on the welfare state and state controlled economy with a third party that bases everything on its xenophobic and seclude behaviour in order to protect illusions of national purity. So what do they negotiate with? It was sure that the True Finns will rout in front of the reality that includes the Portuguese bailout and the European Union bit what is the exchange to save face? What the other two will give to the True Finns for them to save face all for the “best of the nation” of course!

But there is this other side which balances beyond negotiations and far beyond with what the Finnish parliament was expecting. Suddenly the lumpen of the Finnish psychic has not only entered the Finnish parliament but the whole finish society and it has become the ruling face of the country.

A few days ago a newly elected member of the True Finns in an interview in the most popular national newspaper complained about “Negros” arriving at Finland’s borders and warned that minarets would arise all over Helsinki and disturb people’s peace with calls to prayer. But his racist and insulting comments to Finnish black or Muslim citizens were not the worst part. After the expecting pressure from media, organizations and politicians the certain member of the True Finns used an excused that insulted the Finnish democracy, the Finnish parliamentarians and the whole Finland accusing them for hypocrisy when instead of apologizing he said: “We talk more frankly in the countryside. I haven’t really got a handle on this and so I made a slight mistake in my choice of words. One learns from mistakes.”

So according to him it’s all about handling words and talking about “Negros” it was “a slight mistake in my choice of words” and he is one of the 39 members of the Finnish parliament and partners of the coming Finnish government. He is also part of the Finnish political life and representative of the 19.1% of the Finnish society. And perhaps they will accept the Portuguese bailout bit what have they …negotiated in return?

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Alan2011-05-02 13:40:41
"A legal processes is underway for the formal registration of a National Socialist Workers' Party in Finland. The group, which uses Nazi symbols, had intended to put up candidates in the last local elections, and now has plans to participate in the next elections. Its chairman says the party has dozens of Nazi activists around the country.

There were no swastikas seen on campaign posters during the recent Parliamentary elections. However, there could be in the next one. The two-year process for the National Socialist Workers' Party of Finland to gain official legal status has been, however, a complicated one.

The group's original, openly racist party rules have been modified, and it has relinquished the use of a parallel German name. After the revisions, party regulations are innocuous enough to be used by a sewing circle."

From Finnish news

Thanos2011-05-02 14:04:33
and when we thought that it can't get worst!

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