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Finding the back way in Finding the back way in
by David Barger
2019-12-21 11:20:46
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cro01_400An awkward moment arises
As all eyes stare intently
At the man with a broad smile.
He looks out into the crowd
A sense of sophistication
Loiters mixed with the smell
Of expensive perfume glazed
Upon the walls and floors.
His smile content and unwavering
Warms the crowd filtered
With questions and stirred emotions.
Their eyes say it all.
With hand clinched in a ball
Raised to meet the widening smile,
He clears his throat:
Sorry for the intrusion.
His finger points towards offstage.
The backdoor was wide open.
His smile gains the crowd’s attention.
I was outside just wandering around
With no real feeling of any determination,
And the walks lead me to this point.
An usher brushes off a chair.
The man is handed a folded letter.
He sits down as the crowd
Illuminates within themselves
Wrapped tight in bright colors;
Letter is unfolded.

Keep the secret to yourself

And do not eat the silver caviar!


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