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The moon, the wolf, and the darkness The moon, the wolf, and the darkness
by David Barger
2022-03-25 06:22:54
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I had just taken my nightly dose of medication
As I waited for the effects to sit in,
And decided to go outside
Out into the neighboring slumber
To sit while smoke filled my lungs.

wolf01_400The toenail shaped moon
Hovered low with its infested orange glow
Embellished by a perpetual,
Even faintly, off cast of the same aura.
My eyes wandered in wonder
Peeking through the distant homes
Seeking those who fought sleeplessness,
And there were a few lights still burning
On past the midnight shine.

Down the street where two lamps
Lit the asphalt like two giants
Shining flashlights for night crawlers
Was the place when I noticed movement,
Movement unbecoming of such an hour.

The black shape rolled, and sprang up
Running back and forth across the street
Keeping within the boundaries of grass.
I sat there in amazement
Looking at what seemed to be a coyote, or wolf.
Its girth and build out massed
Any common dog from around here.
I stayed still watching it
As it would pounce at seemingly nothing
Running over to one edge
Then rolling back across the street;                                                                   
I became a voyeur of the unknown
While the smoke from my lungs
Lingered about in the air.

I tried quietly to clear my throat,
But the sound was loud enough
For the beast to stop all movement.
I took another puff from my cigarette
Keeping a close eye on its whereabouts.
It stayed crouched low
In the middle of the street
With its face to my direction.
I could not make out any detail
Only the outline encased by darkness
There underneath both streetlamps.
When it arose,
And took a few steps closer in my direction!
I did not panic,
But continued to observe this creature
Knowing I was the one invading its privacy;
The thought to leave was overcome
By my curiosity.

The dark beast stood its ground
Staring as though right through my soul.
When the shape changed
Becoming full roundness in measure!
I then let go of all curiosity,
And proceeded to stand
Backing my way to the handle on the door.
The shape began to move in upright position
Forcing me to hardily walk inside.
Closing the screen door
I stood there watching it;
A presence so evil
No color could be found in its surroundings.

I closed the door,
Turned off all lights,
In a silent way of saying
No visitors allowed.
I laid there in bed
Hoping for sleep
To bring me through until morning.

Sleep I found rolling around
Pouncing at seemingly nothing
Being encased by the boundaries of grass!

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