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Cyber Wormhole
by David Barger
2016-03-19 11:42:55
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I read and wait
Then I write and wait
dis01_400Ever clinging what anticipates
Of things in truth or fabricate.
Again and again what words to be?
Repetition builds from nimiety.

Dorsodynia lingers on
Making the wait last twice as long.
Through prose and poetry, or verse in song
Deliberate on what I write is right or wrong.
Each word hand picked from a mind’s jamboree,
And still what is taken holds far no guarantee.

I read again once more ashore
Of truth nonfiction, myth, and lore;
How life has structure in metaphor
Where passion and dreams cry nevermore,
As a tumbling free falling rantipole
Let the words not collide in a cyber wormhole!

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