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Finland in Dark Ages
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-04-18 09:06:29
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This morning we woke up living in the less corrupted country in the world, the country with the best security and the best education system and tonight we are going to sleep with the shadow of the True Finns haunting our dreams.

There is nothing more to say than dark days are coming and wander not what’s gone wrong but what are we going to do and this “we” falls on the shoulders of the very same people who are responsible for the rise of this party, the very same politicians who failed to protect the Finnish democracy and the Finnish people from this cancer. The very same people who failed to protect the people who live in this country and the foundations that built this democracy.

The True Finns got 19.1% from 3.7% four years ago! How and with what they succeed that, just check older articles here in Ovi magazine or Google it. They have opinions that cover from immigration to art and that not differ much from the ideas and opinions Goebbels expressed half a century ago and just like it happened back in 1934 in Germany a lot of responsibility falls on the mainstream parties and the way they treated the people. The only thing the True Finns had to do was just twist the lack of information or the misinformation the people were getting.

A friend commented in his Facebook page “wake me up after four years” and I really wish it was so simple. How many things are going to change tomorrow? Literally tomorrow! If thugs hit an immigrant tomorrow who’s going to stop them? Just think, one in every five people in this country hates foreigners and doesn’t feel like hiding it. One in five people around us think that to be a Finn is something superior and the rest of us …?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote in an article that I hope that I don’t live in a bubble where everybody is not xenophobic, racist, homophobic but in a country with tolerance and respect. Obviously I was wrong and one in five people around me is exactly that. And nobody is going to sleep for the next four years unfortunately the nightmare that just started is going to keep us all awake!

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Edna2011-04-18 09:57:02
What to do? I couldn't sleep either.

Emanuel Paparella2011-04-18 14:49:54
What did Erik Fromm call it in one of his books? Escape from freedom. Indeed, it is the fear of freedom that induces the super-race to persecute what they consider "inferior races." That belief is usually based on sheer ignorance such as the myth of the superiority of the Nordic races.

I am afraid that with the defeat of multiculturalism and the return of nationalistic xenophobia, the dream of the EU founding fathers is now in danger and may ultimately turn into a nightmare; that indeed dark days lay ahead, unless a few corageous people decide to put a stop to it by alerting the rest of us to the mortal cancer for political life represented by intolerance and xenophobia. Now that we have made Europe we need to make the Europeans who have returned to the comfort of good old intolerant nationalism. Pity!

Tullius2011-04-18 20:00:59
The failure of the multiculturalist agenda is a reality, not an agenda--whether we like it or not. Nor does said failure point straight to nazism. On the contrary, the nazi party is the consummate multiculturalist party: for it is the face of the final (delusional) integration of all cultures into one life, one amorphous blob/g. Is this "life" a dream? Yes, of course: it is the violent, universalist multiculturalist nightmare; the ultimate project of *divide et impera.*

To desire the conservation of one's own nation and national identity is something else: neither multiculturalism nor its monistic consummation (monoculturalism), but a republicanism for which the containment or moderation of variety is the necessary condition for public recognition of the rule of law (constitutionalism).

Emanuel Paparella2011-04-18 21:35:35
Nazism as multiculturalism? Uh! Bizarre indeed. What does the above really mean? 1984 double speak by some sage on stage in an ancient Roman toga? Vico has it on target: and at the end they go mad.

Tosifinski2011-04-18 22:02:41
The best thing about these elections has been the hysterical post-election whining. I am entertained.

Tullius2011-04-23 00:09:50
Mr. Paparella, moderation is not madness.

Multiculturalists are adherents to the "global consciousness" movement exemplified already by Nazi Germany.

The Nazi did not care about Germany, but about reducing German constitutionalism first, and the rest of the world thereafter, to a socialistic movement beyond national barriers. "National Socialism" meant above all *socialization* of the nation (an anti-capitalist project including the policy of "spreading the wealth").

With the socialist revolution, the first thing to be done away with is conservatism/moderation in politics, which Hitler himself viewed with utter disdain as an evil (zionist) abstraction. The abstraction is supposed to be replaced by a sense-bound historical imagination that is no longer limited by reason, but that becomes the guide of the chariot of the soul. (See Spengler's Decline of the West.)

Not by accident was Martin Heidegger--the greatest philosopher to have welcomed Hitler--also the greatest anti-Platonist of the XX century.

Emanuel Paparella2011-04-23 02:20:32
It looks as if my hunch of who Tullius might be, was right all along.

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