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Liberate Bergen-Belsen Liberate Bergen-Belsen
by The Ovi Team
2019-04-15 10:27:22
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April 15th 1945 British troops have entered the German concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen. Inside the camp the horrified soldiers found piles of dead and rotting corpses and thousands of sick and starving prisoners kept in severely overcrowded and dirty compounds.

Belsen, near Hanover in Germany, is the first concentration camp to be liberated by the British. Details of the conditions inside are likely to horrify a public which until now has only heard limited descriptions from the camps in Poland freed by the Red Army.

The first British soldiers who entered Bergen-Belsen have described seeing a huge pile of dead, naked women's bodies within full view of several hundred children held at the camp.

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Remember Bergen-Belsen2011-04-22 17:42:51
My late grandfather was a liberating British soldier and it was something that stayed with him always. He never spoke of his ordeal or of those whom were interned except on one occassion but I know it weighed heavy on his heart. I visited Bergen Belsen in 2007, heres my story if you would like to know more - http://www.squidoo.com/Bergen-belsen

Eleana2013-04-16 03:51:04
The terrible things humans do to each other in the name of? I feel so privileged to have a happy and safe life with plenty of food, clothing and warmth and people who love me.

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