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When the Green party try to show how true Finns they are
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-04-14 08:30:17
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With just three days till the official Finnish election day, one third of the voters have already voted either with the advance voting or by post and the big battle just starts; it’s time for the last minute uncertain voters and in reality the ones who play the decisive role in every election all around the world. And unfortunately in the conscious of the Finnish parties and their watchdogs their focus is on the True Finns and not the day after.

From the beginning of the election campaign I notice how much the dramatic rising of the xenophobic extreme right True Finns had changed things in this election but I think the shock came when I noticed better the posters and the brochures of the Green party. By definition and foundations an internationalist party focuses in the green part of life, expanding to environmental policies, green economy and green education in Finland all its posters are dominated by the gigantic Finnish lion! Dispirit they try to scream that they are also Finns and true Finns trying to steal voted from whom? The fascists?

But this is what is really going on this minute in Finland, all the parties instead of unveiling their programs, instead of explaining their policies and their aims for the future of this country and its citizens they are wasting every single effect to combine and answer to the True Finns. Actually and this is the amazing and the same time scary thing, the True Finns doesn’t matter how many voted they will take or how many seats in the parliament and if they will manage to play a decisive role in the next government, they have already won only with the fear and the worry they spread in the souls of the other political parties in Finland.

And they won because the other parties failed to show any kind of alternative to the conscious of the Finnish people. If the True Finns increase their power even by one percent that will mean that the parties and the political system has failed. The further higher their percent might be the biggest the failure will be. And the Finnish political system is trembling since 1980s but now it reached its worst point and the True Finns are the result of this crisis. A country that made cover ups a status quo in the name of unity for over than fifty years exercises the same policy even the years of globalization and transparency. A nation that lived for long isolated under the threatening shadow of the Soviet Union failed to adapt the global changes and stood numb waiting for something from outside to become the catalyst investing even in the EU membership or a possible NATO membership.

As a result of this constant cover up for the last year Finland lives under a temporary government that postpones every serious decision to the next one headed by a prime minister who feels herself too little for the role. Actually despite all the opposition this period was the best example of the necessity of the powers the president carries in Finland. If it was not President Halonen with her extended experience the critical for Finland foreign policy would have also stand still for over a year, a year full of global and pan-European events that demand experience and sensitive decisions. And then the True Finns came with all the populism and the hysterics with the immigrants, the European union and the unions.

And instead parties like the Green party to stand to them by promoting their program and persuading the people, explain their policy towards the immigrants and the future of the green economy they added the …Finnish lion on their posters and brochures trying to persuade – who? – that they are also …true Finns!!!

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Edna2011-04-14 20:36:00
I notices the lion too. It was strange.

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