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When true Finns need a bailout from their xenophobia
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-04-02 10:15:42
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With the parliamentary elections getting closer the extreme right xenophobic Finnish party, the True Finns does exactly what similar parties have done for decades all around the world; disorientates the public with populisms over a subject the people by definition have small or wrong information hoping that the mask will cover their real face and they might get the votes they are hoping for.

For months the True Finns have shown in many ways their true face to anything or anybody cannot prove Finnish originality of at least three generations but weeks before the elections they obviously realized something the mainstream parties keep saying, that it is one thing the surveys and another standing in front the polls and parties like that cannot find it easy cooperation with others however much they need it. Their xenophobic, occasionally racist rowdyisms worked to a certain point but later they started scaring people especially the ones they need more, the funders of the party with extreme acts like the one in international water aboard the cruiser on its way to Sweden with unbelievable tense racist yells that leaked to the press. Oddly and parenthetically Hitler ceased his anti-Jew campaign before the 1932 elections and focus on the Treaty of Versailles.

Timo Soini, the leader of the True Finns found his Treaty of Versailles in the euro-zone bailout and the Treaty of Lisbon. Another odd thing and once more I feel that this is the state’s mistake; in Finland the state has failed to inform the people how much Finland has benefited from the partnership with the European union in too many levels and how much the European Union has failed to pass the message that this is a partnership were we all profit under certain obligations and like a marriage or any other partnership of the kind you are tied not only through the good times.

I presume talking about things like that with Timo Soini or any hardcore True Finn is like trying to explain justice to Charles Manson but the people who will vote for them in majority do it from momentary impulse trapped in populisms and lack of information. A survey in Finland a few weeks ago proved that the majority of the people who support True Finns are not only ignorant of who’s ruling the country, what parties participate in the government but they also think that the country is govern either from socialists or communists and that in a country that is actually govern from a conservative coalition.

The state has failed to inform the people of Finland – I know that even from private conversations with people that otherwise consider well informed – that a partner in danger means that the whole partnership is in danger and they have failed to explain to the people how big this danger can be proved especially when the partners in crisis are three with another three coming soon. The state has failed to uniform the people that the bailout doesn’t mean present but a loan with better conditions than the ones the states can get a loan from the market still with a profitable profit for the nation that participated in this bailout. In simple words Finland will make r4eal profit from this transaction plus that will help a partner to stand up and participate in the common growth. Most importantly and that is something the Finns should know since the recession memories from 1990s are fresh is that a falling partner never falls alone with uncontrollable consequences for everybody around, is like standing next to a grenades target.

And there is more. the Finnish government just like the majority of the European states failed to inform their citizens what the Greek, the Irish or the Portuguese people feel about this bailout. This bailout has led to a huge political and social crisis that reaches the foundations of those countries because the return of this bailout is just too big for those people who among everything else have lost their dignity in one night. When the German magazine, “Focus”, “Der Spiegel” and the newspaper “Bild” suggested that Greece should sell Acropolis for example did anybody think how these people felt and how they are going to react? Timo Soini has suggested something similar making me wandering if he would have suggested the same during the 1990s dramatic recession in Finland and how he would feel if somebody had suggested to Finland to sell Finlandia House or some of the lakes to Russian billionaires instead of the bailout that came from Swedish bankers and funds.

The Greek people didn’t and don’t agree with this bailout because they have already felt the consequences of this bailout and its terms. In a couple of years the Greek people financially will be compared to a third world country and definitely not to a Euro-zone member with their income to have decrease to dramatic levels and more than 60% of the population living in the limits of poverty; unemployment raising to unbelievable numbers and the bleeding of the workforce abroad – especially the specialized one – to scary proportion. The effects of all those will last probably for decades not only to the Greek, Irish and Portuguese economy but the whole social structure.

And all the above was forced to the Greek – Irish, Portuguese - people from their partners – including Finland – for the common good – including Finland’s - with a decision taken in Brussels from all the Europeans – including Finland - because they couldn’t take a political decision to stop their dependency to the bankers’ and industrialists’ games in the fear of their micro-political and opportunistic future – including the Finns.

But they don’t dare endanger their credibility – and political future - to say all these. They don’t even dare explained the people that this partnership just like other partnership has obligations and is one thing for Timo Soini not to want to participate in the bailout but what about the European subsidies the Finnish farmers and fishermen in the north sea enjoy thanks to the alliance with the Greeks who are the only ones who supported them when UK for example wanted to cut them all out just a couple of years ago.

What the people hear from Timo Soini is the screams “why to give our tax money to the Greeks and not make better …schools!” I have to admit this last one when it comes from Timo Soini’s mouth really made me laugh!!!

However and I kept it for last the last few weeks I have heard something in more than one occasions and said in public even written. Some think that the whole thing with the True Finns in long terms will help foreigners to revaluate their position in Finland and understand their obligations!!! WOW!!! Let me see, KKK was good in long term because it helped African Americans revaluate their position and the Nazis were good in Germany because they helped the Jews to understand their obligations to the nations? That’s the many colours of fascism and shows how deep the crisis is unfortunately not only in Finland but the whole Europe.

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