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by Jan Sand
Issue 16
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Following the big bang,


All sorts of things,


Curious and consequential


Took wing.


Things logical and incremental.


Dust congested into stars


Which congregated


Into coteries of solar systems,


With planets like Mars,


Like Jupiter and Venus,


But frankly,


Between us,


These variations out of dust


Must be much more diverse


In this universe.


Things yet to be observed


In space that is determined to be curved.


Eventually, when all this stuff


Ceases to be so rough,


When the daily grind


Processes this dust


To a form more refined


According to the mechanics


Of the second law


Of thermodynamics,


Whoever set off


The original firecracker,


The Original Bushwhacker,


Will sigh and cough And neatly fold


The whole shebang


Back upon itself,


Deposit it into His closet


Upon a shelf.

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winsum2006-10-02 10:10:27
love it. be careful not to bite your toungue though thymes are i there just not always where i might expect to fid them. subtle is good

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