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The serpent's egg of the Finnish politics
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-03-25 09:13:28
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Finland has visited all European Union’s institutions, including the EU leaders’ summits, lately carrying a very heavy and awkwardly slimy package and this time was no exception. Mari Kiviniemi arrived in Brussels in a meeting in front another pan-European economic crisis wearing Janus – the ancient Roman two faces God – in a two sides mask with Timo Soini and the True Finns haunting the other side.

But I have the feeling that the True Finns don’t haunt only the Finnish foreign policy but the whole country lately since one survey after the other shows their percentages climbing dramatically to the point that you start doubt if the other parties all together will manage to get even near them. But surveys in Finland are a whole different story. Finns have an obsession with surveys and if you follow the Finnish media you will find something nearly everyday that shows on Monday that the favourite food in Finland is lasagne to Wednesday when a new survey shows that Finns hate lasagne and everyday at least one that shows that Finns are the best in the world in something despite the laughable them of the survey.

So there is a big doubt about those surveys and the mainstream parties try to explain exactly the same the last few months. When the True Finns got for the first time 16% everybody said that it was a questionable survey with questionable results.   Now when the True Finns have reached 23% - apparently the highest percentage among the Finnish parties according the last parliamentary elections – the mainstream parties said that when the time comes for the Finns to go to vote duty to the country and democracy will prevail. Oddly this exactly what the True Finns say that it is the reason for the voters to vote for them. Anther odd thing, parties of the extreme right always talk about democracy!

But this thing with all the surveys has spread some kind of fear all around, suddenly the police double checks your papers if you are a foreigner and when you need something from the state offices there is always one more question, one more paper. Nothing serious but the cloud is there. And is very gray cloud. The last two years I have often wrote that something has seriously changed in this country but then I could sense it, now I can see it. It has to do with the way the people look at you when you don’t speak Finnish in the tram or the metro, it is with the way they answer when you make a question and the way they serve you when you are in the shop and I mentioned it a few week ago, for the first time an all the elections I lived in this country I saw a shop with a poster of the True Finns in the front window. A shop that needs customers publicly announces that they don’t like foreigners? Because that’s what the True Finns say.

But the True Finns have said a lot the last month including their opinions about modern education and art, opinions and ideas that have been obviously inspired by Joseph Goebbels. They have said things about immigration and the European Union but again the problem is not with what they say but with what they don’t say and they leave wavers in dark gray clouds. They want education to focus on the Finnish achievements – I suppose mathematics, philosophy, literature, history, medicine will be excluded and according the True Finns the seventh day god created Finland – they want art to promote Finnish masculinity – I suppose they are going to burn Kiasma – they have said that they want immigrants to be white Christians with at least one PhD and a couple of millions in the bank – I suppose if you have all the above the first thing you will want is to move to Finland – and they want Europe to continue giving them million subsidies for the farmers, for the fishermen and the state and in return to be proud to have them as members – I suppose their contribution to the modern European society and culture is the air guitar championship.

Now you got an idea of the burdens Mari Kiviniemi and the Finnish internal and foreign policy is carrying around these days. And the burdens for Kiviniemi don’t stop with the True Finns. The Finnish Prime Minister found the seat totally accidently due to the resignation of the former PM Vanhanen and she knew from the beginning that she was there temporary; she was just filling the shoes until the former PM will be cleared of all the accusations and rumours and the internal fermentation will come with a new leader. Unfortunately for her the shoes with a little help from the True Finns became too tied for her feet and she keeps falling down. Actually – even in her own party - nobody believed that she was going to win the coming the elections. Keskusta, the centre party believed that it will come among the three first in this election and that it will make government partnering with the conservative Kokoomus losing only the PM seat. This way would earn the necessary time to come with a new leader who would lead the party in the next elections. That before the True Finns rammed inside the leading three – the Social-democrats the centre and the conservatives – changing in one night or better in a few surveys all the strategies, the plans and the campaigns.

The European partners understand the burdens of the Finnish political life and the Finnish PM and at the moment they react accordingly giving to the finish politicians the space they need their internal situation. The question is if these same partners will understand a situation where their Finnish partner will host the serpent's egg.

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