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Angels & Fools Angels & Fools
by Nic Mepham
Issue 16
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Where are you going?
The voice asked wearily
Tired of the endless drain
Associated with his name

The pointless repetition of fickle needs
These landmarks of small mindedness
Forever drawn to the attention
Of the creative mind
The distraction of every heart and soul
The death of spirit
After enough of enough
The weak still repeat
The same safe guards
Guarding their own failures
Plastering over faults
To fundamental to change now
Without the whole structure coming down
A curse of temporary
Demands for quick fixes
And substandard care
This is our world now
The one that grabs for the cash
And runs as you fall to the side of the road
Where the chance of a passing Samaritan
Gets smaller in odds ever day
Things get worse before they improve
Success is on the other side of disaster
We walk this sword edge as fools
Walking in where angels have feared to tread
There is strength in weakness
The only protection we can afford



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Leah Sellers2016-02-29 16:59:03
Poignantly Stark, Dark Truths and Wisdom, dear Sir. Thank you.

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