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A Citizen's Vote Is Collective Bargaining!
by Leah Sellers
2011-02-25 10:10:38
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Wisconsin’s cheesy governor Walker in a covert (and yet, oh so, transparent) effort to bust the power of Collective Bargaining State Employees, has stirred up the lively embers of red-blooded American public protest.
As a result, State Employees (primarily Teachers) have taken to the streets (and the steps of their state capital), while the Wisconsin democrats have taken shelter somewhere else in America in order to forestall their legislature’s Voting on a law which would strip Working Class people of their Collective Bargaining Voices and Rights.
Our Vote is our Voice.  In a Democratic Republic our Vote is Collective Bargaining.  Our Vote is a tool of Societal Negotiation - a Collective Bargaining between the extreme Right and Left, between the Rich and the Middle Class and the Poor, between the Takers and the Takers-Not…..
A Voting/Collective Bargaining Voice longing to be heard - to seek compromises which Honor and Benefit all parties and further promote the Common Good.
Democratic Republic Voters/Collective Bargainers don’t do well with stick in the mud Ultimatums Mr. Walker.  That’s just political science 101.  Perhaps a refresher course would aid your efforts toward governance, sir.
Collective Bargaining is not an annoyance (to most folks seeking fairness and justice within decision making processes) - a nuisance to be kicked to the corner to be belittled, spit upon and demonized by the Republicans seeking to strangle - to adroitly Silence the Voting/Collective Bargaining Voices of Wisconsin’s Teachers and other Public Workers, in order to strengthen the  Voices and Powers of the National and Global Corporations, Bankers and Elitist Few who wish to further enslave and manipulate Us All.
The Ultimatum given to Wisconsin’s Teachers will only effect/affect 8% of Wisconsin’s debt/deficit.  Walker’s Ultimatum does not address the remaining 92% of his lovely state’s debt/deficit.  Hmmm, me thinks I sniff a bit of stinky Limburger Cheese in the making.
Governor Walker continues to tell the news reporters that the state of Wisconsin is broke.  That Wisconsin doesn’t have any money, and so, therefore, has nothing with which to Negotiate.  But he is wrong.  Walker and his Republican cronies have many things to plop into the Negotiation Plate.
The governor and the Wisconsin legislators could give up 30% of their annual salaries (paid by the hardworking Wisconsin taxpayers), and pay out of pocket the same amount in benefits and pensions they’re requiring of the Working Class - the Teachers - the Educators of Wisconsin.
Of course, that’s just a drop in the bucket toward the overall Collective Bargaining that needs to take place to cure the ills of your illustrious State.  After all, Many Thinking (and Collectively Bargaining Talking) Heads are Better than One.
My Grandparents and my Mother always told me that We should never ask of Others what We, Ourselves, are not willing to do.  Especially if you are a Leader.
Sacrifice needs to come from every sector of Society - not just the already over-burdened backs of the Middle Class and the Poor.
It is a statistical fact that for years, the Rich have been getting richer - the Middle Class is shrinking - and the Poor are getting poorer.
The Responsibility of Sacrificing for the Common Good needs to be Shared by All.  Even those who try and desecrate and destroy something as inherently Constitutional (and Necessary) as every American’s Right to Freedom of Speech and Right to Vote/ Societal Collective Bargaining.
Governor Walker, your Ultimatum, like a block Wisconsin’s Swiss cheese, is Full of Holes !

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